RESULTS: 2017 Zoar Spring 2-M Scramble

Zoar Golf Club

Zoar Golf ClubZoar Golf Club hosted their annual Spring 2-man Scramble on Sunday, and 48 teams competed for the $1,000 first place prize.  

The team of Scotty Jones & Matt Miller tied at the top with Ryan Stefanski and Brian Smith with a score of 8-under par 64 for a shared victory.  

Alone in third place, Jeff Stormer and Ray Barry were next with a score of 65.  

Adam Trent & Alex Loftin were fourth at 66.

Matt Frey & Tyler McHugh were solo 5th at five under par.

There were two skins won on the day: Jeff Barbas & Tim Hinchliffe had a birdie on Hoe #4, and the only eagle of the day was on Hole #12 by Bowman & Sedmock. Each skin paid $480!

The next event at Zoar Golf Club will be the Zoar Memorial on May 27th – 28th.

Zoar Spring 2-Man Scramble

Zoar Golf Club, Zoar, Ohio
Sunday, May 7th, 2017

64 Jones/Miller; Stefanski/Smith $770 ea.

65 Stormer/Barry $420

66 Trent/Loftin $300

67 Frey/McHugh $180

68 Levengood/Hepner; Bowman/Sedmock; Terry/Ramaglia $120 ea.

69 Bricker/Waycaster; Perkowski/Shanklin; Baker/Cope $25 ea.

Out of the Money:

70 Watkins/Rimer; Cutlip/Marsinek; Trier/Rising; Lair/Moreno; Stuntala/Pozderak; Bitikofer/Seibert

71 Cea/Miller; Beebe/Trier; Thomas/Simpson; Seever/Mendoza; Bishop/McVey; Moser/Roth

72 Prok/Schneider; Jurcevic/Lavechia; Doon/Doon; Barbas/Hinchcliffe

73 Crone/Sibla; Briggs/Prado; Yoder/Schrock; Callihan/Young

74 Dean/Dean; Gasser/Rangel; Frank/Nicely; Trice/Trice; Gonter/Haynes

75 Luckenbaugh/Lance; Tischler/Denk; Martin/Stack

77 Smith/Paterson; Dapoz/Burrier

78 Mullet/Green

79 Weaver/Miller; Yoder/Troyer 

81 Willis/Hostetler; Wright/Wright

82 Oboyle/Johnson

85 Bush/Wright 

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