RESULTS: 2017 Nolan/Belden Invitational Boys High School Golf

Green High School Boys Golf Team, winners of 2017 Nolan/Belden Invitational
The Green High School Boys Golf Team, winners of the 2017 Nolan/Belden Invitational.

FINAL RESULTS: Boys High School Golf
2017 Nolan/Belden Invitational

Hosted by Archbishop Hoban and Canton Central Catholic
Brookside Country Club, Canton
Monday, September 25, 2017


1st Green 292
M. Moldovan 74
C. Breitenstine 70
M. DeMusey 73
J. Conjerti 75
R. Laipert 81

2nd Dublin Jerome 309 (5th man scorecard)
J. Chandler 75
M. Wagner 83
E. Snyder 74
B. Solomon 77
N. Karuk 83

3rd Walsh 309
B. Cros 74
C. Levy 73
M. Jacobs 78
M. Flinchbaugh 84
C. Zamecnik 85

4th University School 315
K. Flatow 74
T. Coyne 81
B. Cowan 80
G. Tallal 80
B Rogers 81

5th St. Xavier 318
M. Prebles 79
J. Beckett 84
D. Lipp 71
T. Gilmore 90
N. Durstock 84

6th Hoban 320
D. Erks 82
T. Witschey 78
C. Vincelette 82
A. Apticar 78
J. Wright 89
Ind. V. Grosso 80

7th Jackson 329
A Wyss 77
M Dilling 82
B Hawking 87
B Ramold 83
A Dauk 89

8th St. John’s Jesuit 334 (5th man scorecard)
B Kaifasz 83
P Yost 79
A Happenjans 86
J Tyo 91
S Hood 86

9th Lake 334
J Evans 81
A Anderson 80
J Madenfort 85
C Byrd 88
S Ochs 95

10th Wooster 337
B Dillon 84
M Frazier 83
A Meese 83
W Roberts 87
J Roberts 96

11th North Pickerington 340
J Tasney 82
D Heitmeyer 82
J Chadwick 91
D Corrigan 89
K Lanier 87

12th St. Edwards 345
B Gleichaul 80
L Chambers 86
M Nepomuceno 92
D Donovan 87
C Addington 98

13th Canton Central Catholic 353
T Freudeman 86
N Helline 96
M Congeni 83
L Helline 91
K Freudeman 93

Medalist: C. Breitenstine (Green) 70
Runner-up: D. Lipp (St. X) 71
3rd C. Levy (Walsh) 73
4th M. DeMusey (Green) 73
5th K. Flatow (University School) 74

(scorecard playoff for 3rd, 4th and 5th places)

Nolan Belden Invitational


Mr. Terry J. Nolan, President
Standard Printing Company

Bio: A graduate of Archbishop Hoban High School in 1965. Married to the same woman for 46 years. Have two children who both have achieved successful business careers. Have five grandchildren. Akron University – Bachelor of Science in Accounting (1969) and – Master of Business Administration/Finance (1971). Served in the U.S. Army Reserves. Earned his CPA (1973). Outside interest have included charitable work, landscaping, golf and construction projects. Mr. Nolan is a proud Alumni of Hoban and has continued to support the high school for many years!

What Golf means to Mr. Nolan:
My son told me a few years ago that the game of golf is the only game that teaches honesty and is self-monitoring or policing. In about every other sport you are taught how to skirt the rules or play along the edges.
Golf is a game of integrity and character. You learn so much about a person in four hours. You can lose or earn a lifetime of respect with a ten second decision. The game exhibits Christian values.
I love the spirited competition and the fact that I have to rely solely on my own skills – both mental and physical. Ultimately the mental skills are probably more important.

Mr. Brian S. Belden, VP of Sales & Marketing
The Belden Brick Company

Bio: A graduate of Central Catholic High School in 1988. Married to Joanna and has four children (two currently attending Central Catholic). Akron University – Bachelors Business & Organizational Communications (1993). Golf team member of the Central Catholic State Championship team (1987). Played college golf at University of Akron where he was medalist in 2 college tournaments. He’s a 7-time Brookside Country Club Men’s Club Champion (‘91, ‘92, ‘01, ’06, ’10, ’11, and 2014). He has served as Brookside Country Club President (2012). Outside interest have included community involvement and charitable work, golf, and spending time with his family. Mr. Belden is a proud Alumni of Central and has continued to support the high school for many years!
What Golf means to Mr. Belden:

Golf has presented so many great opportunities in my life. I’ve traveled to many wonderful places and met so many great people through golf it’s difficult to narrow these experiences down into one paragraph. As we all know golf is more than just a game. Golf is an everyday learning experience. The First Tee program has nine core values it teaches junior golfers: Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship, Respect, Confidence, Responsibility, Perseverance, Courtesy and Judgement. We use these values to guide us through the course of life. Each new round presents a personal challenge to use experiences learned from the past and apply to the present. Not every day is a round under par. We all have days where we must grind it out on and off the course. Golf embodies what every person should strive for, the strength to persevere through the tough rounds and to enjoy the rounds when the ball seems to find the bottom of the cup with a sense of ease. I hope that you can carry these values and experiences over in your lives and enjoy future success both on and off the course. Golf will create friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Best of luck today. I hope you find the shortgrass and your putts find the cup with a sense of ease.

Dave Oates and Quinn Parker
Host Coaches Dave Oates and Quinn Parker
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