RESULTS: 2015 Ungvary Memorial 2-Man Jumble

Joe Ungvary, Summit County Am Champion

Joe Ungvary Sr Memorial Rock Good ParkA pair of teams tied at the top for the 2015 Joe Ungvary Sr. Memorial 2-Player Jumble at Good Park Golf Course in Akron on Saturday. Six holes each of scramble, better ball and alternate shot shot make up the format for this always interesting event.

Finishing at 5-under par 66, the team of Brandon Shannon and Nick Paxos tied with the team of Aaron Crewse and Nick Lambos.

The big winners on the day were Crewse and Lambos, as their outright win in the Better Ball segment put them over the top as the day’s money leaders. As a team they earned $867 vs. $742 for Shannon and Paxos.

The Alternate Shot format made the difference in the event, though. Crewse and Lambos were well on their way to victory until a 2-shot swing at the par-5 13th, where they made bogey to Shannon and Paxos birdie, left them tied. Both teams parred out from there.

Dave Sotka and Nick Anagnost could have joined the top two teams at 5-under par, but they missed tricky putt for par on the 18th hole. That bogey left them one shy of a tie for first place in the Alternate Shot and Overall, but their birdie on the 16th hole earned them a share of a skin and a $702 total haul.

Also having good days were the teams of Mike Armour and Dave Trier, winning the Scramble portion at 5-under par 19, and Jim Cea and Ronnie Bell, who cashed in two segments and won a share of a skin. Those two teams tied for fourth place overall.


Good Park Golf CourseFINAL RESULTS:
2015 Joe Ungvary Sr Memorial Jumble

Good Park Golf Course, Akron Ohio
Saturday, June 13, 2015

Shannon/Paxos 66 $450 Team
Crewse/Lambos 66 $450
Sotka/Anagnost 67 $300
Cea/Bell 68 $225
Armour/Trier 68 $225
Thomas/Simpson 69 $50
Durban/Durban 69 $50
Spino/Marr 69 $50
Clendenin/Hochschwender 70
Smith/Stefanski 70
Anderson/Martina 70
Peterson/Oates 71
Harbert/Lenartowicz 71
Fricker/Lowry 71
Skorman/Oldfield 72
Cutlip/Stormer 72
Stas/Richardson 72
Kovach/Freeman 72
Topeka/Bailosky 73
Ungvary Jr/Griffith 73
Baugh/Yanko 74
Rybka/Rhode 74
Watkins/Warren 74
Wheeler/Wheeler 74
Cutlip/Marsinek 74
Grosso/Beebe 74
Miller/Lahnan 74
Karamas/Kloetzer 75
Spino Jr/Merrow 76
Schrader/DiFrancesco 76
Loftin/Trent 77
Fleming/Demeter 78
D’Andrea/Zachary 79


Scramble Results (Holes 1-6, Par 24):
1st Armour/Trier 19 $300 Team
T2 Shannon/Paxos 20 $117 Team
T2 Crewse/Lambos 20 $117 Team
T2 Cea/Bell 20 $117 Team
T2 Sotka/Anagnost 20 $117 Team

Scramble Skins – $82 Team
Eagles on 2 Peterson/Oates & Armour/Trier
Birdies on #4 Cea/Bell & Wheeler/Wheeler


Better Ball Results (Holes 7-12, Par 23):
1st Crewse/Lambos 21 $300 Team
T2 Fricker/Lowry 22 $175 Team
T2 Smith/Stefanski 22 $175 Team
T4 10 Way Tie at 23

Better Ball Skins – $330 Team
Birdie #10 Anderson/Martina


Alternate Shot Results (Holes 13-18, Par 24):
1st Durban/Durban 22 $300 Team
T2 Sotka/Anagnost 23 $175 Team
T2 Shannon/Paxos 23 $175 Team
T3 Thomas/Simpson 24 $40 Team
T3 Cea/Bell 24 $40 Team
T3 Spino/Marr 24 $40 Team

Alternate Shot Skins – $110 (no outright skin; least tied)
Birdies on 16 Harbert/Lenartowicz, Durban/Durban, Sotka/Anagnost

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