RESULTS: 2015 NOPGA Pro-Pro Shootout

Northern Ohio PGA

Holden Pro-Pro Shootout

Avon Oaks Country Club
Mon, Apr 27, 2015

Qualifying Format: Chapman, two man teams. Each Player hits tee shot, Player A hits Player B’s shot. Player B hits Player A’s shot. One ball then is selected and played by partners alternating shoots until the ball is holed.

Shoot-Out Format: Select drive alternate Shot: Each Player hits tee shot, select one ball to be played by partner and alternate till ball is holed.

1 Katie Jenior  Barrington 66 $1,600
Joe Meglen  GolfTec

2 Dennis Miller  The Lake Club 67 $1,200
Gary Robison  Brookside

T3 Trevor Thomas  Shawnee CC 70 $800
Shawn Tompkins  Chagrin Valley

T3 Tom Atchison  Salem 70 $700
Mitchell Camp  Club Walden

T5 Jaysen Hansen  Beechmont 71 $800
Gregory Smith  Westbrook CC

T5 Cory Kumpf  Brookside 71 $400
Casey Schrader  Pepper Pike Club, The

T5 Mike Stone  Fallen Timber Fairways 71 $600
Steve Stone  Fallen Timber Fairways

T8 Garrett Korte  Country Club, The 72 $700
Jordan Schroeder  Findlay CC

T8 Joseph Leenheer  Silver Lake 72 $400
William McKinley  Canterbury

T10 Mark Evans  Mayfield 73 $600
Mark Sierak  Barrington


T10 Nicholas Myers  Highland Meadows GC 73
Chuck Radabaugh  Stone Oak CC

T10 Rob Moss  Pepper Pike Club, The 73
Steve Mulcahy  Shawnee CC

T10 Randy Dietz  Windmill Golf Center 73
Trent Maxwell  Windmill Golf Center

T10 Milton Carswell  Stone Oak CC 73
Eric Morgan  Plum Brook CC

T15 Tony Adcock  Lakeview GC 74
Scott DeMuesy  Fairways at Arrowhead

T15 Ronald DeJacimo  Alliance 74
Jon Jones  Youngstown

T17 Tony Milam  North Coast Jr Tour 75
Perry Savetski  Links GC

T17 Nick Fox  Elyria 75
Anthony Hoover  Elyria

T17 Matthew Morin  Chagrin Valley 75
Sean Pender  Lakewood

T17 Noah Horstman  Beechmont 75
Adam Lewicki  Beechmont

T17 Scott Karabin  Pine Lakes GC 75
Andy Santor  Mill Creek Park G C

T17 Nick Paez  GolfTec 75
John Sico  Westwood

T23 Todd Ekstrand  Avon Oaks 76
Tony Serra  Avon Oaks

T23 Michael Heisterkamp  Chagrin Valley 76
Tom Waitrovich  Lakewood

T23 Asa Donaldson  Shawnee CC 76
Paul VanDeventer  Shawnee CC

T23 Judd Stephenson  Avon Oaks 76
Chad Seymour  Westfield Group CC

T23 Todd Holden  Oakhaven Golf Complex 76
Mitch Irwin

T23 Kelly Kranstuber  Wooster 76
Jason Nussbaum  Congress Lake

29 Chad Kitzmiller  Fairlawn 77
Timothy Smith  Fairlawn

T30 Justin Long  Mudbrook Golf Center 78
David Mottice  Fairlawn

T30 David Kinnell  Pine Hills GC 78
Steve Weir  Cleveland State Universit

T30 Jacob Kruegel  Club Walden 78
Trey Mallicone  Westwood

33 Tim Perin  Lakewood 81
Clifford Purtilo  Oberlin

34 Fortune Horton  Columbia Hills 83
Kory Starks  Columbia Hills

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