RESULTS: 2015 CMP Father / Son Junior

Cleveland Metroparks Golf

The father and son team of Don and Blake Rudy brought home the 2015 Cleveland Metroparks Father/Son Junior Championship at Big Met Golf Course in Fairview Park on Saturday.

The Rudy’s dominated both formats with a 4-under par 32 in the scramble and a 1-under par 35 in the better ball, leading them to a six-shot victory over David & Bentley Stover.

Cleveland Metroparks Golf
Cleveland Metroparks Father/Son Junior Golf Tournament

Big Met Golf Course, Fairview Park, Ohio
Saturday July 11, 2015


Place Score Names
1st 67 Don & Blake Rudy
2nd 73 David & Bentley Stover
3rd 75 Bob & Noah Le
4th 75 Ken & Spencer Furlich
5th 76 Hal & Alex Malzeke
6th 77 Jeremy & Adam Hackett
7th 78 Paul & Zach Krueger
8th 79 Gary & Alec Wiggins
9th 84 Michael & Ben Ladaika
10th 84 Joseph Sowa & Kevin McGreal
11th 87 Richard & Reese Rybak
12th 89 David & Evan Waclawski
13th 99 Peter & Zach Trybus

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