RESULTS: 2015 ADGA Golf Galaxy 4-M Scramble

2015 ADGA Golf Galaxy 4-M Scramble Winners

ADGAThe importance of reading and understanding the rules sheet provided at the start of a competitive event was never more clear than after the 2015 Akron District Golf Association’s Golf Galaxy 4-Man Scramble on Sunday, May 24th.

The team of Alex Loftin, Adam Trent, Ian Holt, and Brandon Nixon shot what appeared to be a score of 18-under par to tie the leaders in the clubhouse. But then it came to light that they did not follow the rules posted on the sheet that a ball chosen for play from the rough must be played down by the first player and legally dropped by subsequent players; they simply tossed down a ball for the first several holes until the rule was pointed out to them. That mistake led to the their disqualification — and a tough learning experience.

The team of Tim Morrow, Matt Gursha, Jake Fait and Griffin Todd (pictured above left to right) were the benefactors of that rules snafu. That foursome also posted a score of 18-under par 54 as well, and with the DQ it was good for a solo one shot victory over two teams.

In the Senior Division, a hole-out eagle 2 on the par-4 sixth hole jump-started the team of Mark Thomas, Sam Spino Jr, Tom Seever and Doug Rockich as they posted an 18-under par 54 to win by a whopping three shots over three other teams.

Akron District Golf Association
2015 Golf Galaxy 4-Man Scramble

Fox Den Golf Course, Stow, Ohio
Sunday, May 24, 2015

Morrow/Gursha/Todd/Fait 26-28 54 $1000 Team GCs + $335 Team Pot
Sotka/Blackburn/Stefanski/Anagnost 27-28 55 $700 Team GCs + $110 Team Pot
Spino/Marr/Nemeth/Oates 28-27 55 $700 Team GCs + $110 Team Pot
Kovach/Freeman/Trier/Mallette 28-28 56
Schrader/DiFrancesco/Huff/Swartz 29-27 56
Spalding/Kershner/Sander/Spalding 28-29 57
Simpson/Krivanek/Smith/DeRemer 29-28 57
Cutlip/Stormer/Walchalk/Barry 29-29 58
Plute/Bailey/Kovolyan/Stinogle 28-32 60
Vought/Bishop/Rybka/Canter 31-29 60
Hull/Hull/Kimson/Shisler 30-31 61
Thomas/Granata/Thomarios/Doty 31-31 62
Wade/Vellios/TBA/TBA 32-31 63
Loftin/Trent/Holt/Nixon DQ

Skins: $140 Each
Eagle #6 Morrow/Gursha/Todd/Fait
Eagle #10 Spino/Marr/Nemeth/Oates
Eagle #11 Sotka/Blackburn/Stefanski/Anagnost
Eagle #18 Schrader/DiFrancesco/Huff/Swartz


Thomas/Seever/Spino Jr/Rockich 27-27 54 $1000 Team GCs + $220 Team Pot
Dean/Dean/Jones/Hotchkis 29-28 57 $240 Team GCs + $50 Team Pot
Szwast/Kern/Woodrum/Lawson 28-29 57 $240 Team GCs
Lahnan/Miller/Laubacher/Huntley 28-29 57 $240 Team GCs + $50 Team Pot
Davis/Horner/Zimmerman/Wheeler 30-28 58
Marsinek/Cutlip/Cea/Bell 29-29 59
Sattler/Wilson/Mendoza/Scoreman 30-29 59
Merrow/Freudeman/DeMusey/Chirumbolo 29-31 60
Stack/Martin/Hedrick/Tarter 30-30 60

Skins: $120 Each
Eagle #5 & #6 Thomas/Seever/Spino Jr./Rockich
Eagle on #16 Sattler/Wilson/Mendoza/Scoreman

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