Parker and Clark Overcome a Double Bogey to Win the 2013 Ungvary Memorial

Joe Ungvary Sr Memorial Rock Good Park
Quinn Parker and Jon Clark
Quinn Parker starts an early victory stogie as partner Jon Clark lines up a birdie putt at the 18th.

Quinn Parker is doing what a player needs to do to win in “team golf”: play solidly and recruit hot partners.

For the second week in a row, Parker picked the right partner at the right time — then played some great golf on top of that decision — to claim the winner’s spot in a big event.

Last week, he and Tyler Light shared in a three-way tie at the top in the June edition of The Fairways at Twin Lakes 2-Man Scramble, its field size bolstered by the awarding of ADGA Golfer of the Year points.

This week, Parker recruited Jon Clark to play with him in the Joe Ungvary Sr. Memorial 2-Man Jumble, and the choice was correct again.

The pair were lighting up Good Park in the Scramble format during the first six holes, posting a 4-under par 20 to share in the win in that six holes with SCAGA execs Dustin Alcorn and Mike Lenartowicz.

For awhile, it looked like they might lap the 44-team field on their way to victory.

But in the Better Ball format the pair stumbled badly: they each posted a double-bogey 6 on the par-4 eight hole.

The only way to overcome such a blunder is to go on a birdie barrage — and that’s exactly what Clark did. On his own ball, Clark made three straight birdies on holes 10, 11 and 12!

From there, Parker and Clark finished at even par in the Alternate Shot format, good for a score of 5-under-par 66 and a one-stroke victory.

But that wasn’t the only rise-fall-rise drama in the 2013 edition of ‘The Ungvary’ — and the tournament winners weren’t even the biggest prize winners on the day!

Brian Smith
Brian Smith’s needed par attempt at 18.
Brian Smith and Ryan Stefanski had an incredible opportunity to claim victory on Saturday after a great scoring burst mid-round. In a three hole span early on the back nine, the pair made two eagles: the first at the shortened 267-yard par-4 12th in the Better Ball format, then again at the long par-5 14th at the second hole of Alternate Shot. The two eagles jumped the pair into the lead by one heading into the final four holes of Alternate Shot, but back-to-back bogeys at 17 and 18 cost them the tournament. The pain of that finish was short-lived, however, as both eagles held up for skins — including the only skin won in the Better Ball session — leading to the day’s biggest payday from the 2013 event.

Danny Marr and partner Bobby Spino also finished in a tie for second place, and also nabbed a skins winner with an eagle on the short par-5 second hole to jump up the prize haul list. Marr shortened that 90-degree dogleg hole even more by taking advantage of a course setup mistake that allowed players to send their tee shots under the trees off the tee box and down the first fairway. The pair only had 135-yards into the second green after Marr played it low-and-straight down one. Then Marr dumped the team’s second shot to 4-feet and they made the putt. With the T2 overall, a T1 in Alternate Shot, and skin in Scramble, Marr and Spino combined to earn the second slot on day’s ‘largest money winners’ list.

Only in a 6/6/6 format with skins separated out by format does the tournament winner finish in third place on the day’s money list! But that is some of the charm of the Ungvary: keep playing, because no team is ever completely out of nabbing a nice chunk of the pot!

The Ungvary Memorial Jumble is turning into one of the top events of the summer, and nearly all of that has to do with the efforts of Dave Chapple and Tim Davis. Once again, Chappy put in yeoman’s duty with both registration and the creation of another fantastic scoreboard, while Tim covered all of the administrative details. Players who love tournament golf in Northeast Ohio should thank these two as often as they can, as without their long-hour efforts our area wouldn’t have the great event options that it does! Thanks Chap and Tim!

Good Park Golf CourseFINAL RESULTS:
2013 Joe Ungvary Sr. Memorial Jumble Tournament

Good Park Golf Course, Akron, Ohio
Saturday, June 8th, 2013

SCRAMBLEScore (Par 24)Per Team
 Scramble Skins:(least tied) 
#2 (Eagle 3)Marr/Spino $300.00
#2 (Eagle 3)Alcorn/Lenartowicz $300.00
 BETTER BALLScore (Par 23)Per Team
T1Smith / Stefanski21$230.00
 Better Ball Skins:  
#12 (Eagle 2)Smith / Stefanski $600.00
 ALTERNATE SHOTScore (Par 24)Per Team
T4Smith / Stefanski24$40.00
T4Cea Bell24$40.00
 Alternate Shot Skins:  
#13 (Birdie 2)Lambos/Peterson $200.00
#14 (Eagle 3)Smith / Stefanski $200.00
#18 (Birdie 3)Durbin/Durbin $200.00
 OVERALL RESULTSScore (Par 71)Per Team
T5Cea Bell69$225.00
T7Alcorn/ Lenartowicz70$40.00

Out of the Money:
Pos | Score | Team
13 71 Loftin, A./Holt, I.
13 71 Armour, M./Chadima, J.
13 71 Lamasters, B./Hazzell, T.
16 72 Petry, N./Kabasky, J.
16 72 Thompson, T./Recht, J.
16 72 Cutlip, D./Herchek
16 72 Miller, R./Moore, T.
16 72 Morrow, T./Strawinski
16 72 Snell, D./Foutty, B.
22 73 Uecker, J./D’Andrea, D.
22 73 Durbin, R./Durbin, L.
22 73 Davis, T./Stemple, B.
22 73 Thomas, M./Skorman, R.
22 73 Hedrick, J./Tarter, J.
22 73 Miller, F./Lahnan, L.
22 73 Schradier, C./Huff, T.
29 74 Crewse, A./Gainer, J.
29 74 Griffith, D./Ungvary Jr., J.
29 74 Sloan, K./Flemming, D.
29 74 Sweat, P./Failor, R.
29 74 Marshall, D./Ede, M.
29 74 Rybka, R./Thompson, D.
35 75 Angie, M./Foss, M.
35 75 Baugh, T./Demeter, M.
35 75 Martin, F./Stack, T.
38 76 Plute, C./Bailey, B.
38 76 Essik, R./Woody, C.
38 76 Wheeler, P./Wheeler, D.
41 78 Wilson, S./Esposito, J.
41 78 Livik, F./Luckring, J.
41 78 Ziga, P./Lynum, W.
44 80 Duda, D./Witmer, M.


Nick Lambos and Kurt Peterson
Nick Lambos and Kurt Peterson won the fourth most pot and skins money in the 2013 edition of The Ungvary

2013 Event Money Leaders (Per Team)
Smith / Stefanski $1,445.00
Marr/Spino $975.00
Clark/Parker $890.00
Lambos/Peterson $800.00
Alcorn/Lenartowicz $690.00

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