Lambos and Padgett III Go Low at ADGA Lazor 2-Man; Spino and the Commish Take Senior Side

Akron District Golf Association
Rob Shustrich 2013 ADGA Lazor
Rob Schustrich hits from the first tee at the beautiful Brookledge GC in Saturday’s ADGA Nick Lazor 2-Man Better Ball

Nick Lambos Don Padgett IIINick Lambos and Don Padgett III took apart the Brookledge Golf Club on Saturday.

On an absolutely beautiful day for golf, and on a golf course that was in fantastic condition given the gully-washers of the last few weeks, Lambos and Padgett shot an impressive 7-under par 64 to win by a solid two shots in the 2013 edition of the Akron District Golf Association’s Nick Lazor 2-Man Better Ball presented by Cobra Puma Golf.

Quinn Parker continued his season of strong finishes, partnering this time with the always solid Kurt Peterson to tie for second place with Howard Glendenin and John Topeka.

Cobra Puma GolfJim Krivanek and Phil Bojc nabbed an unexpected big score in the skins game, taking the only one of the day in the Championship Division with a simple birdie on the short par-4 13th hole. With its tricky top-of-the-knob hole location, that driver-flip wedge conversion was good for $560.

Tim Davis Sam SpinoOn the Senior side, some stellar wedge play by Sam Spino coupled with the ability to still move it on out there by ADGA Commissioner Tim Davis had these two veteran champs enjoying single shot victory.

Davis and Spino posted a nifty little 6-under par 65 to take the 2013 Lazor Senior title.

The ever-present leaderboard marquis team of Jim Cea and Ronnie Bell tied for second place with Team Rick, Rick Bryson and Rick Morrow.

Complete results below.

The next event on the ADGA 2013 schedule is the Bud Light 3-Man Shamble at Chippewa Golf Course in Doylestown on Saturday, July 27th.


Akron District Golf Association
2103 Nick Lazor 2-Man Better Ball

presented by Cobra Puma Golf
Brookledge Golf Club, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Saturday, July 13, 2013

1Lambos, N./Padgett III, D.64$600.00$289.00
T2Glendenin, H./Topeka, J.66$410.00$140.00
T2Peterson, K./Parker, Q.66$410.00$140.00
T4Bishop, S./Lee, T.67$250.00
T4Morrow, T./Strawinski, J.67$250.00
T4Smith, B./Stefanski, R.67$250.00
T7Marr, D./Trier, D.68
T7Schrader, C./McClary, T.68
T9Krivanek, J./Bojc, P.69
T9Rybka, R./Thompson, D.69
T9Simpson, M./DeRemer, C.69
12Armour, M./Chadima, J.70
T13Crewse, A./Gainer, J.71
T13Freeman, A./Kovach, T.71
T13Plute, C./Bailey, B.71
T13Thiel, M./O’Byrne, E.71
T17Agarenzo, M./Oldfield, R.72
T17Cutlip, D./Stormer, J.72
T19Fricker, S./Lowry, R.73
T19Larizza, K./Stewart, B.73
T19Schustrich, R./Okeson, C.73
T22Kabasky, J./Petry, N.74
T24Mikita, R./Sampson, M.75
T24Sloan, K./Flemming, D.75
T26Berkhiemer, D./Pertracca, D.76
T26Koletzer, S./Karamas, J.76

Chris Okeson
Chris Okeson sports a fashion bucket at Brookledge

Krivanek, J. / Bojc, P. (3) Birdie on #13




1Davis, T./Spino Jr., S.65 $600.00 $150.00
T2Bell, R./Cea, J.66 $425.00 $75.00
Merrow, R./Bryson, R.66 $425.00 $75.00
4Recht, J./Thompson, T.68 $300.00
T5Dean, J./Westover, G.70
Mendoza, R./Esposito, J.70
Miller, F./Lahnan, L.70
8Skidmore, T./Downing, B.71
T9Hamilton, M./Markham, T.72
Marschall, D./TBA72
Marsinek, E./Skorman, R.72
Stack, T./Szwast, T.72
T13Hedrick, J./Tarter, J.73
Miller, R./Angie, M.73
15Seever, T./Thomas, M.74
16Chapple, D./Zimmerman, L.75
Davis, T./Spino Jr., S. $    50.00(3) on 3 Birdie
Bell, R./Cea, J. $    50.00(2) on 12 Birdie
Davis, T./Spino Jr., S. $    50.00(2) on 14 Birdie
Hamilton, M./Markham, T. $    50.00(3) on 15 Birdie
Davis, T./Spino Jr., S. $    50.00(2) on 17 Eagle
Merrow, R./Bryson, R. $    50.00(3) on 18 Birdie


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