FINAL RESULTS: 2012 Stark County Amateur Championship

Stark County Amateur Golf AssociationTim Crouch of Mount Vernon, Ohio backed up his sizzling first round 66 at Seven Hills Golf Course in Hartville with a solid 69 at Sable Creek Golf Club in North Canton to win by two shots in the 2012 Stark County Amateur Golf Championship on Sunday.

And winning the lone big skin on the final day with an eagle made the victory even more sweet for Crouch. Complete results for both divisions below:

FINAL RESULTS: 2012 Stark County Amateur Golf Championship
Stark County Amateur Golf Association

Seven Hills GC, Hartville – Saturday, July 21
Sable Creek GC, North Canton – Sunday, July 22:


Tim Crouch6966135$500.00
Richie Schembechler6869137$275.00
Josh Clay6573138$225.00
Tyler Light7070140$162.00
Jon Clark7070140$162.00
Dave Oates7269141$112.00
Nathan Tarter6972141$112.00
Ryan Headley7073143$ 75.00
Greg Cook6975144$ 50.00
Logan Lagodich7372145
Tyler Ries7174145
John Tidenberg7374147
Tyler Maranville7573148
Anthony Yacovazzi7573148
Mike Johnson7573148
Kenny Earle7474148
Rob Schustrich7276148
Jay Holyfield7673149
Andrew Bryant7574149
Nick Paxos7376149
Eric Bowman7674150
Adam Wichham7477151
Drew Davidson7775152
Chuck Demchak7775152
Mark Thomas7677153
Brandon Shannon7777154
Mike Lenartowicz7678154
Jeff Campbell7579154
Daniel Mosher7976155
Tommy Arison7679155
Mark Schneider7481155
Isaac Haver7879157
Nevada Lemon7780157
Kurt Peterson7681157
Zach Keller8276158
Rob Loomis7979158
Brian James7781158
Brian Huntley7781158
Jack Kastor7781158
Mark Ciccarello8178159
Carl Lemmon8079159
Dustin Alcorn7983162
Jacob Appelby8386169
Caleb Stevenhagen8893181


AA SKINS: $540
Eagle #2 Maroon – Tim Crouch



Justin Bolen7679155$500.00
Jeff Barbas7878156$275.00
Kevin Flynn8177158$225.00
Nate Bartow8079159$112.00
Brant Harbert7881159$112.00
Brian Sovak7782159$112.00
Mike Yoder7584159$112.00
Tim Hinchliffe8279161$31.00
Nicholas Carr8180161$31.00
Jay Spitale Jr7784161$31.00
Michael Mazzan7190161$31.00
Steve Feist8181162
Doug Byler7785162
Jared Lapham8281163
Michael Kelly8083163
Scott Bourquin7984163
Chris Plute7489163
Cameron Brumbugh8282164
Bob Wadsworth8282164
Bruce Bailey7985164
Kasey Lukacs8085165
Chris Boni8086166
Ken Harris8582167
Bryant Scheffler8483167
Dean Bricker8384167
Danny Preising8384167
Ryan Peterman8186167
Nick Denning8683169
Josh Sobitz8386169
Mike Marino8089169
Shaun Byler8090170
Jon Pizor8488172
Bill Luther8391174
Zach Drunkenbrod8491175
Rock Mellie8591176
Matt Harig8592177
Daniel Troxell8993182
Adam Stinogle88102190
Michael Laubacher107119226


A SKINS – $128 ea:
Chris Plute – Birdie #1
Danny Preising – Birdie #8
Nate Bartow – Birdie #9
Doug Byler – Birdie #12
Jeff Barbas – Birdie #17

All prize amounts listed for merchandise at Lakeview GC in Hartville.

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