RESULTS: 2012 Big Met Spring Tour 2-M Jumble

2009 Big Met Course Champion Drew Thompson of Avon Lake and his partner Allen Freeman of Brecksville scraped their way to a 3-shot victory at the Big Met Spring Tour 2-Player Scramble/Better Ball on Saturday in Fairview Park.

The pair posted a 7-under par score of 65, shooting 4-under par in the scramble and 3-under par in the better ball.

Five teams tied for second place at 4-under par 68, and the tie-breaker outlined below was used to determine final positions and merchandise certificates.

25 teams competed in the event.

With his fifth place finish with partner Derek Duda, David Stover takes over the lead in the 2012 Cleveland Metroparks Golf Player of the Year race.

FINAL RESULTS: 2012 Cleveland Metroparks Golf
Big Met Spring Tour 2-Player Scramble/Better Ball

Big Met Golf Course, Fairview Park | 6,524 yards, Par 72
Saturday, May 19, 2012

1stDrew Thompson & Allen Freeman65
2ndTim Hahn & Jake Wetzel68
3rdPat & Kevin Tournoux68
4thTodd Walker & Brad Burns68
5thDave Stover & Derek Duda68
6thGreg Sowa & Brian Juguilon68
7thRandy Crider & Mike Ross69
8thMark Hubert & Kevin Hagen69
9thMichael & Matt Mintz70
10thRob Power & Tom Rude71
11thJack Cox & Marc Millar71
25 Teams Competed


*Top 7 places earned merchandise certificates. Tie-Breakers:
1) Back Nine Score
2) Last 6 Holes score
3) Last 3 Holes score
4) 18th Hole score
5) Hole by Hole starting on #1


Dave Stover10161238
Mark Hubert918633
Joe Mannix102030
Brad Poe101626
Kevin Hagen18624
Kevin Tournoux71623
Pat Tournoux71623
Shane Ash2020
Drew Thompson2020
Al Freeman2020
Tim Hahn1818
Jake Wetzel1818
Cary Slabaugh1414
Chris Dietz1414
Todd Walker1414
Brad Burns1414
Ward Crane1212
Ron Ritner1212
Derek Duda1212
Bill Randorf1010
Scott Saari1010
Ward Watkins1010
Michael Mintz6410
Matt Mintz6410
Greg Sowa1010
Brian Juguilon1010
Doug Hubert99
Dan Metzendorf99
Chris Davis99
Steve Tischler88
Brian Tischler88
Joe Denk88
Will Schwartz88
Kevin Metzger88
Brian Metzger88
Randy Crider88
Mike Ross88
Scott Tournoux77
Sam Troyer77
Douglas Sessor66
Mike Musacchia66
Michael Renner66
Andy Slayman66
Troy Buckley55
Joe Potkay55
Mike Strachan55
Jeremiah Smith55
Kevin Mueller44
Paul Figuly44
Jared Miller44
Bobby Harmon44
Matthew Kreider44
Lauren Kreider44
William Wood33
Michael Muller33
Eric Ralls33
Max Stedman33
John Kalnasy22
Dave Engler22
John Wypasek22
Bob Wypasek22
Mark Foss22
Mike Angie22
Rob Power22
Tom Rude22
Travis Conner11
Josh Manco11
San Conner11
Andrew Conner11
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