Three Teams Share Top Spot in ADGA 4-M Scramble

Akron District Golf Association
2012 ADGA 4-Man Scramble
The ADGA 4-Man is just like government work: one guy does the digging, three guy supervise.

ADGAIt was a beautiful day for golf on Memorial Day Saturday with perfect weather and great golf course conditions at Barberton Brookside Country Club.

But no team playing in the main division of the ADGA’s 4-Man Scramble could master the tough hole locations enough to nab the tournament outright.

14-under par was the number it took to nab a share of first place in the ADGA’s main Tournament Division, which was shared by the three talented teams listed in the results below.

Meanwhile in the ADGA’s Senior Division, it took one shot better than the main division to win at 15-under par (from the same tees as the Tournament Division!), accomplished by Howard Weaver, Tom Seever, Doug Rockich and Mark Thomas.

Complete results, prize breakdowns and skin winners below.

The next event on the ADGA schedule is the 36-Hole Stroke Play tournament at Seven Hills GC and Rosemont CC on June 23-24. To enter, see the ADGA website.


FINAL RESULTS: 2012 ADGA 4-Man Scramble
Barberton Brookside Country Club | Par 72
Saturday, May 26, 2012

T1Charlie Schrader
Tom DiFrancesco
Paul Nehlsen
Nathan Tarter
29-29–58 (-14)$900$240
Mike Heim
Jon Lenton
Bud Wentz
Kent Schutey
29-29–58 (-14)$900$240
Pete Skirpstas
Mike Simpson
Aaron Czetli
30-28–58 (-14)$900$240
4Allen Freeman
Norton Brick
Brian Smith
Mark Borlin
30-29–59 (-13)$500
T5Chris Plute
Ed Marsinek
Chris Letson
Zach Smith
29-31–60 (-12)$100
Troy Schonover
Scott Weekly
Barry Riggs
Mark Grossenbacher
30-30–60 (-12)$100
Eric Vought
Patrick Barrett
Adam Thomarios
Shane Nalepa
32-28–60 (-12)$100
John Kabasky
Russ Eckert
Mike Vey
Kevin Pikus
29-31–60 (-12)$100
Richard Essick
Charles Woody, Jr.
Jeff Wenger
Joe McKenzie
31-29–60 (-12)$100
T10Shaun Kloetzer
Matt Kloetzer
John Karamas
30-31–61 (-11)
Mike Armour
Jason Chadima
Dan Marr
David Trier
30-31–61 (-11)
Nate Petry
Todd Mazur
Raynard Martin
Brian Baumgartner
29-32–61 (-11)
13Jeff Meighen
Tom McClary
Danny Mosholder
Ed Diebold
30-32–62 (-10)
14Mike Burnett
Mike Mozingo
Dennis Kyle
Greg Kaye
32-31–63 (-9)
15Aaron Crewse
Jeff Covert
Jeff Gainer
Rich Lowry
33-31–64 (-8)
16Sam Wade
Yanni Vellios
Zach Van Ryan
Ryan Lowers
32-33–65 (-7)
17Josh Kaluzne
Ron Kaluzne
Jason Whitfield
Mike Sprowse
33-33–66 (-6)
18Dean Cutlip
Dave Cutlip
Jeff Stormer
Ray Barry
34-33–67 (-5)
Skins: – $360 ea
Eagle No. 1 – Team Kloetzer
Eagle No. 6 – Team Armour
1Howard Weaver
Tom Seever
Doug Rockich
Mark Thomas
29-28–57 (-15)$1,200$220
T2Tim Edwards
Brian Eichler
Tom Skidmore
Bill Downing
31-28–59 (-13)$700$110
John Paul Jones
31-28–59 (-13)$700$110
T4Jim Cea
Ron Bell
Larry Lahnan
Fred Miller
32-28–60 (-12)
Joe Hedrick
Jim Tarter
Fred Martin
Tom Stack
31-29–60 (-12)
Mike Demeter
Tom Baugh
Rob Yanko
Larry Zimmerman
30-30–60 (-12)
Tim Davis
Larry Horner
Bruno Chirumbolo
Steve Kimson
31-29–60 (-12)
T8Jim Niskanen
Greg Salem
David Marshall
Mike Ede
31-30–61 (-11)
Dave Sattler
Steve Wilson
Tom Markham
Mike Hamilton
31-30–61 (-11)
T10Rick Merrow
Rick Bryson
Sam Spino
Denny Toth
30-32–62 (-10)
John Kern
Dave Woodrum
Terry Szwast
Jim Lawson
31-31–62 (-10)
Sr Skins – $110 ea.
Eagle No. 3 – Team Merrow
Eagle No. 8 – Team Baugh
Birdie No. 9 – Team Seever
Birdie No. 12 – Team Downing
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Pete Skirpstas of Medina mashes his tee shot on the par-5 10th hole as a part
of the first-place-sharing Simpson Team in the 2012 ADGA 4-Man Scramble.

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    Awfully hot for Sept.

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