Vincelette and Crewse Capture 2012 ADGA 2-M BB; Hedrick and Tarter Win Senior Division

Akron District Golf Association
Brian Vincelette 2012 ADGA 2-M Better Ball
Brian Vincelette hits a smooth tee shot to the par-3 17th hole at Turkeyfoot on Saturday

Akron District Golf AssociationThere were no crazy-super-fantastic shots. No hooting and hollering for a holed chip-in or a big eagle putt. Just solid, steady golf, the minimizing of mistakes — and a clutch little pitch shot at the last to get the job done.

Playing in the third-to-last group of the day, the team of Aaron Crewse and Brian Vincelette knew exactly what score they needed to post to win the tournament, and they accomplished the goal — right on the number.

Vincelette and Crewse turned the front side at 3-under par, making four birdies to offset a bogey at the fourth. Checking in at the turn, the low posted score for the day was a 4-under par 67; no team went real deep in the scoring, as the hole locations were tough and there was just enough wind and rough to make birdies a challenge for everyone. So the Crewse/Vincelette team knew exactly what they needed to do.

Vincelette birdied the 10th and things looked pretty good for the pair. Then a bit of momentum seemed to disappear, as the twosome failed to convert on a series of great birdie opportunities at 11, 12, 14 and 16. But they offset those missed opportunities with some clutch pars at 13 and 15, and came to the last hole needing a birdie to win.

VIDEO: Aaron Crewse sends his tee shot to the par-3 17th hole at Turkeyfoot Saturday

Crewse hit a solid tee shot and ran his second up short left of the green, about 30 yards in the rough. Vincelette hammered his drive on 18 and the pair decided he should take a run at the green. But a slight pull sent the ball onto the cart path, bouncing under a bush on the 14th tee. Birdie was not assured.

Vincelette whacked out from under that bush using the turned-over toe of his long putter (a great shot, actually), but still had a tough up-and-down just to save par.

After watching Vincelette hit, Crewse calmly walked down to his ball, flopped his pitch up onto the green, and watched as it took a bounce, a swooping left-to-right roll, and came to rest 4-inches on the backside of the hole, almost going in. Victory.

The teams of Mark Guadagni / Jim Durr and Joe Swiatkowski / Chris Reuscher tied for second place, finishing one shot back at 4-under par 67.

In the Senior Division, veteran Turkeyfoot players Joe Hedrick and Jim Tarter roared back on the inward nine with sizzling a score of 31 to post a strong total score of 7-under par 65 to nip Ron Bell and Jim Cea by a single shot.

Cea and Bell ripped up the front nine with a 32, but couldn’t hold off Tarter and Hedrick at the close.

Tom Stack and Fred Martin made an amazing comeback of their own, turning the front side in 1-over par but then shooting a sizzling 30 on the back nine to finish alone in third place at 5-under par.

Complete results and skins for each division below.

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FINAL RESULTS: 2012 Akron District Golf Association 2-Man Better Ball
Turkeyfoot Lake Golf Course, Green, Ohio
Saturday, May 5, 2012 | Par 71 (Par 72 Seniors)

Tournament Division
1Aaron Crewse / Brian Vincelette33-33–66 (-5)$600.00500$430
T2Mark Guadagni / Jim Durr34-33–67 (-4)$425.00387$215
Joe Swiatkowski / Chris Reuscher35-32–67 (-4)$425.00387$215
T4Mike Kracker / Jeff Mallette35-33–68 (-3)$248.75282
Shaun Kloetzer / John Karamas35-33–68 (-3)$248.75282
Dave Oates / Mike Simpson34-34–68 (-3)$248.75282
Shane Bishop / Drew Davidson33-35–68 (-3)$248.75282
T9Dean Cutlip / Jeff Stormer33-36–69 (-2)$175.00190
Dan Marr / Joe Nemeth37-32–69 (-2)$175.00190
Norton Brick / Brian Smith36-33–69 (-2)$175.00190
T12Mark Thomas / Jason Chadima35-35–70 (-1)$ 61.25142
Nick Lambos / Kurt Peterson35-35–70 (-1)$ 61.25142
Allen Freeman / Mark Borlin36-34–70 (-1)$ 61.25142
Mike Lenartowicz / Brian Belden36-34–70 (-1)$ 61.25142
T16Mike Armour / David Trier38-33–71 (E)100
Scott Mullen / Tom Mullen37-34–71 (E)100
Matt Thiel / Eugene Obyrne36-35–71 (E)100
T19Mike Burnett / Mike Mozingo37-35–72 (+1)83
Russell Rybka / Drew Thompson37-35–72 (+1)83
Chris Letson / Ed Marsinek36-36–72 (+1)83
T22Tom Markham / Ken Koprivec37-36–73 (+2)50
Don Padgett / Andy Brouse36-37–73 (+2)50
Todd Huff / Russ Schwartz37-36–73 (+2)50
Jim Grosso / Ryan Workman37-36–73 (+2)50
T26Mark Johnson / John Jadgchew36-38–74 (+3)30
Charlie Schrader / Tom DiFrancesco39-35–74 (+3)30
Jeff Barbas / Tornabene40-34–74 (+3)30
T29David Kuchenski / Andy Stem38-37–75 (+4)10
Ryan Oldfield / Bruce Bailey37-38–75 (+4)10
Yanni Vellios / Sam Wade40-35–75 (+4)10
Nate Sargent / Douglas Fleming36-39–75 (+4)10
John Johnston / Charlie Manocchio38-37–75 (+4)10
Kory Hull / Mike Shisler38-37–75 (+4)10
T35Rich Lowry / Steve Fricker39-37–76 (+5)10
Mark Ciccarello / Steve Feist38-38–76 (+5)10
Chris Schneider / Chris Boni38-38–76 (+5)10
Nate Petry / Todd Mazur39-37–76 (+5)10
Billy Hudkins / Marty Nichols41-35–76 (+5)10
T40Tom McClary / Jeff Meighen38-39–77 (+6)10
Dave Cutlip / Ray Barry43-34–77 (+6)10
Adam Mallette / Vinny Smith38-39–77 (+6)10
43Josh Kaluzne / Ron Kaluzne40-40–80 (+9)10
44Dennis Kyle / Mike Turner40-41–81 (+10)10
45David Biscardi / Tubby Allen42-41–83 (+12)10
46Chris Plute / Kali Miller42-44–86 (+15)10
Skins – $230 ea.
No. 5 ““ 2 (Eagle) ““ Mozingo / Burnett
No. 6 ““ 3 (Eagle) ““ Kracker / Mallette
No. 11 ““ 2 (Eagle) ““ Chadima / Thomas
No. 14 ““ 2 (Eagle) ““ Petry / Mazur
#PlayersScoreGift CertPointsPP
1Joe Hedrick / Jim Tarter34-31–65 (-7)$600.00500$190
2Jim Cea / Ron Bell32-34–66 (-6)$500.00400$115
3Tom Stack / Fred Martin37-30–67 (-5)$350.00375$75
T4Tom Seever / Doug Rockich35-33–68 (-4)$275.00325
Rob Yanko / Tom Baugh35-33–68 (-4)$275.00325
6Tom Skidmore / Bill Downing35-35–70 (-2)$225.00250
7Fred Miller / Larry Lahnan36-35–71 (-1)225
T8Rick Merrow / Dave Carey39-34–73 (+1)170
Dave Woodrum / John Kern37-36–73 (+1)170
Joel Recht / Tom Thompson39-34–73 (+1)170
Tim Davis / Bill Stemple38-35–73 (+1)170
Jim Niskanen / Greg Salem36-37–73 (+1)170
T13Howard Weaver / Vic Kline37-36–73 (+1)170
Tim Cox / Joe Granata40-35–75 (+3)113
T15Bob Rowe / Steve Wilson40-35–75 (+3)113
Bob Beck / Phil Jackson38-39–77 (+5)100
David Marshall / Paul Trenta41-36–77 (+5)100
18Larry Zimmerman / John Donofrio39-38–77 (+5)100
19Dave Sattler / Mike Hamilton39-40–79 (+7)100
Senior Skins – $95 ea.
No. 8 ““ 2 (Birdie) ““ Rockich / Seever
No. 9 ““ 3 (Birdie) ““ Bell / Cea
No. 11 ““ 3 (Birdie) ““ Hedrick / Tarter
No. 14 ““ 2 (Eagle) ““ Carey / Merrow
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