RESULTS: 2011 Manakiki Fall 3-M Scramble

Cleveland Metroparks Golf
Derek Duda and Frank Livak take the Manakiki Fall 3-M with teammate David Stover.

Manakiki Golf CourseFINAL RESULTS: 2011 Cleveland Metroparks Fall Tour
Manakiki 3-Player Scramble

Manakiki Golf Course, Willoughby Hills, OH – Par 72
Saturday, October 15, 2011


1st Place team: 62 (-10)
Dave Stover
Derek Duda
Frank Livak

2nd Place: 63 (-9)
Joe Mannix
Shane Ash
Jeff O’Brien

3rd Place: 66 (-6)
Bryan Barragate
Jeff Ruhman
Jeff Scott

T4 Place: 67 (-5)
M. Condor
J. Keshock
A. Keshock

T4 Place: 67 (-5)
B. Spiers
J. Gilbert
C. Kanuch

T4 Place: 67 (-5)
K. Richendollar
M. Christopher
M. Motambo

T7 Place: 68 (-4)
G. Barber
S. Panich
B. Paul

T7 Place: 68 (-4)
D. Elber
J. Elber
G. Elber

9th Place: 70 (-2)
D. Moczulski
B. Wright
J. Maslavich

10th Place: 72 (E)
M. Urie
T. Elmore
T. Hagget

11th Place: 74 (+2)
B. Fagan
D. Fagan
R. Fagan

12th Place: 76 (+4)
R. Rehner
P. Serio
T. Kaminski

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