RESULTS: 2011 ADGA Turkeyfoot 2-M Better Ball

Akron District Golf Association
Ronnie Bell putts at the 2011 ADGA Turkeyfoot 2-M BB
Ronnie Bell rolls a long birdie effort on #2; he and Jim Cea take the ADGA 2-M BB Senior Division.

Akron District Golf AssociationJason Chadima holed a 6-iron from 175 yards for eagle on a par-5 while Mark Thomas made a bundle of birdies.

Jim Cea and Ron Bell showed that age means little and that getting it in the hole means everything, winning the Senior Division with the same final score as the main division.

Those were the two story lines from the Akron District Golf Association’s first event of the 2011 season, the Parke Thornton 2-Man Better Ball at Turkeyfoot Lake Golf Links on Saturday.

The greens at Turkeyfoot were perfect and the overall course conditions were surprisingly good, as it is one of the few courses in the area that drains well regardless of the amount of rain it receives. But truly challenging hole locations coupled with a schizophrenic weather pattern throughout the day kept the scores from going too far under par.

Chadima and Thomas used their long-shot hole-out eagle and a slew of birdies to post an impressive front nine score of 5-under par 31 at Turkeyfoot Saturday, on their way to shooting a 5-under par total of 66 and a two shot victory in the main division.

On the senior side, Cea and Bell matched that scoring effort with a 5-under par 66 of their own, good for a three shot win.

Complete results below. Photo gallery here.

The ADGA’s next event will be run in conjunction with SCAGA as an individual 36-hole stroke play event, played on Saturday, June 4th at Raintree GC and Sunday, June 5th at Rosemont CC. See the ADGA or SCAGA websites to register.

Turkeyfoot Lake Golf Links, Akron Ohio – Par 71
Saturday, May 7th, 2010


1Thomas, M./Chadima, J.66$600.00$330.00
2Ciccarello, M./Feist, S.68$500.00$200.00
T3Bishop, S./Schonover, T.69$330.00$65.00
Kracker, M./Mallette, J.69$330.00$65.00
T5Johnson, M./Jadgchew, J.70$240.00
McBride, J./Beal, R.70$240.00
T7Essick, R./Woody,Jr, C.71$160.00
Lambos, N./Peterson, K.71$160.00
Padgett, D./Brouse, A.71$160.00
Markham, T./Koprivec, K.71$160.00
Guadaghi, M./Durr, J.71$160.00
Freeman, A./Kovach, T.71$160.00
T13Crewse, A./Vincelette, B.72
Downing, B./Skidmore, T.72
Thiel, M./O’Byrne, E.72
16Trier, D./Stem, A.73
17Oates, D./Spino, S.74
T18Buehler, E./Worley, S.75
Lowry, R./Fricker, S.75
Schustrich, R./Okeson, C.75
Weaver, H./Kabasky, J.75
T22McCauley, C./Miano, A.76
Rybka, R./Thompson, D.76
Simpson, M./Krivanek, J.76
T26Johnston, J./Sattler, D.77
Marshall, D./Salem, G.77
McClary, T./Meighen, J.77
Schrader, C./DiFrancesco, t.77
T30Armour, M./Grosso, J.78
Kloetzer, S./Karamas, J.78
T32Marr, D./Nemeth, J.79
Plute, C./Bolton79
34Trent, A./Price, C.80
35Martin, R./Shutsa81
36Pendergast, A./Huff, T.82
T37Loomis, R./Wilson, S.83
Oldfield, R. / Bailey83
DNSAlbright, C./Riley, M.
DNSChrzanowski, E./King, J.
Kracker, M./Mallette, J.3-#3$120.00
Thomas, M./Chadima, J.2-#2$120.00
Thomas, M./Chadima, J.3-#6$120.00
Lambos, N./Peterson, K.2-#8$120.00
Ciccarello, M./Feist, S.3-#9$120.00
Weaver, H./Kabasky, J.3-#16$120.00



1Cea, J./Bell, R.66$500.00$130.00
T2Martin, F./Stack, T.69$350.00$65.00
Thompson, T./Recht, J.69$350.00$65.00
T4Hedrick, J./Tarter, J.71$140.00
Miller, F./Lahnan, L.71$140.00
T6Merrow, R./Carey, D.72
Seever, T./Kern, J.72
Zimmerman, L./Stemple, B.72
T9Bryson, R./Herchek, J.73
Donofrio, J./Skeen, R.73
T11Chapple, D./Davis, T.76
Patton/Kimson, S.76
Martin, F./Stack, T.3-#3$45.00
Hedrick, J./Tarter, J.3-#4$45.00
Cea, J./Bell, R.3-#10$45.00
Donofrio, J./Skeen, R.3-#11$45.00
Zimmerman, L./Stemple, B.2-#17$45.00
Thompson, T./Recht, J.3-#18$45.00
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