“Promote” vs. “Run” a Golf Tournament

NEOHgolf.comNortheast Ohio Golf both “promotes” and “runs” golf tournaments.

So what is the difference?

Critical operational requirements.

NEOHgolf.com “promotes” competitive tournaments for Course Member and Tournament Calendar Promotion clients as a part those marketing options. The promotional service includes listing the event on our Tournament Calendar, writing call-for-entries stories on the website, making mentions within the weekly email newsletter, and posting starting times, scores, photos and game stories for the event.

But “running” a golf tournament requires a significant amount of operational work in addition to event promotion:

Valleaire shotgun start– determining the event name, tournament format, date and starting time;

– creating an entry blank outlining the format, entry fee amount, prize breakdowns, optional side games, pro/am status requirements, entry deadlines, etc.;

– accepting players’ or teams’ entries by phone/email/mail/in-person for the tournament;

– setting the groupings and starting times for the field;

– handling player check-in, entry fee collection, and starter’s duties on event day;

– creating and distributing a rules sheet and scorecards to the players;

– setting up a scoreboard with a summary sheet and posting full hole-by-hole scores and the final payouts;

– handling the distribution of prizes and optional game winnings;

– typing up the full field results for the event;

– writing up a game story;

– taking photos of the winners plus providing other action photos to enhance the game story;

– sending the game story, scores and photos to NEOHgolf.com and to other media outlets to inform players and build the event for the following year.

If a golf course or golf association “runs” all of the above operational details, then NEOHgolf.com is responsible for “promoting” the event. Our promotional service is a part of the Course Membership or Tournament Calendar Promotion fee.

But if Northeast Ohio Golf is asked to take on all of the operational details plus the promotions, then we are “running” the tournament. An additional fee is charged for the operations work over and above the Course Membership or Tournament Calendar Promotion fee. And that fee is a bargain given all the detailed, time-consuming work that goes into properly staging a golf event.