Kevin LarizzaGET READY BABY!! The Chippewa 2-Man Scratch League will kick off its 2017 season on Monday, May 8th!

As a warmup to the official start, we will have two individual 9-hole $20 big skins games on April 17th and 24th to get the flow going, unofficial and no partner required.

Then come May 8th, it’s all about the 2-man team and it all counts on the record. Formats will continue to alternate every week as they have in the past: 2-player scramble, better ball, combined score, shamble, and jumble.

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueWe came up with a great structure for the league last year, and we will continue it again for this season: seniors age 55 and over compete with the younger players for the same prize and skins pot, but the 55-and-over guys play from the white tees, set fairly.

We’re also going to continue to allows guys to lock in their participation while saving themselves $90 in entry fees by pre-paying. A player who pays his event pot entry fees for the entire league season by May 1st (18 weeks = $180), will pay only for skins ($10) and golf + cart ($20) each week after that.

Players who don’t pre-pay must pay $15 for the event pot each week, plus golf + cart and skins each week. (Of course, you can pre-pay the remainder of the season at any time, $10 x the number of weeks remaining, to save yourself the cash.)

Just like last year, we will add together all of the $10 and $15 pot entries to determine each week’s pot total.

Skins will remain at $10 per week per player, and carry-over skins will still apply when there is no outright winner any week.

Players can compete with the same partner each week, or they can mix it up and play with different partners all the time. League entry fees are collected individually (not by team) so a player can partner with anyone any week.

There will be two 3/3/3 Steak Nights in 2017 again — held on Week 10 (July 24) and Week 18 (Oct 2) — as our way of saying thank you to our league players. Primo steak dinners with all the trimmings will cost just $15 to whomever wants to eat, payable at check-in on steak nights.

The Scratch League tee will be open from 4:30p – 6:30p for the league this year! We are tightening this up a bit to better fit the size of the league and help our business, too. So please be at Chippy on time on Mondays ready to go during this tee time range, not before or later.

The league will be off for three 2017 summer holidays dates: Memorial Day on May 29th, Independence Day on July 3rd, and Labor Day on September 4th. (See the Tournament Calendar.)

And new for 2017, the top points earner on the 2017 Chippewa Scratch League Leaderboard will win a golf club gear package — details to be announced soon. This will be a great prize package for the season-long winner!

Finally, the Monday Noon Big Skins Game will continue in 2017, too, with tee open from 11:45a until 12:30p. Noon skins players must be on time as the envelope for noon skins entry closes promptly at 12:30p — no exceptions! Cost for the skins game is $50 for amateurs and $100 for pros. Cost for golf + cart is $35 for ‘play all day’ this year – which is perfect for the guys who roll right into league night. Come on out for the early game whenever you can!

We look forward to seeing even more players for 2017 starting April 17 for warmups and officially on Monday, May 1st!


New for 2017! Chippewa is now offering a Pick-a-Day Season Pass for just $495 for the entire season! Players get golf + cart all season long on one day of the week, a day that they select. Guys who play in the Monday Noon Skins Game and Scratch League, this is a deal for you! (It only takes 16 plays to cover the cost — it’s gravy after that!) Ask at the pro shop for details…

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