PREVIEW: 2010 Akron District Golf Association

Akron District Golf Association

ADGA Director Tim DavisGreetings to all of you Akron area golfers, and get ready for a great 2010 season! We’ve been working hard over the past few months to put together a schedule that promises to be our best yet!

While we have several notable changes for the 2010 season, we’re most proud to be returning to Firestone Country Club for our crown jewel tournament, the InfoCision Golfer of the Year Invitational.

Other key changes for 2010 include:

– Players Membership Program – This addition will help us to bolster tournament payouts and make the ADGA tournament schedule that much more exciting.

– Full Senior Division – This year, each event will showcase a full senior division.  Senior ADGA Members will earn Ungvary Cup points to qualify for the Senior Division of the InfoCision Golfer of the Year Invitational. Senior Division payouts will also be increased to match Regular Division payouts.

– Additional Ungvary Cup Point Opportunities – As added incentive for Akron area golfers to join, ADGA Members will earn Ungvary Cup points by competing in other select non-ADGA events. ADGA Members can use points earned elsewhere to qualify for the InfoCision Golfer of the Year Invitational.

All in all, we’re very excited about the upcoming season and hope to see you all back out there competing at Akron’s finest golf courses! Remember to check the ADGA website, mark your calendars, and we’ll see you soon!

Play well, Play fair, Play fast,

– Tim Davis

Akron District Golf AssociationFrom the ADGA Executive Committee: A Commitment to Excellence in 2010

The ADGA is unequaled in its quest for the betterment of amateur golf in the Akron community and continues to refine its tournament schedule, event formats, and payouts to provide its Members with the best competition in the Akron area.

New for 2010:

– Firestone Country Club Hosts Golfer of the Year

– New Membership Structure

– Revised Tournament Schedule with Full Senior Divisions

– Increased Payouts and More Points Opportunities

Back by popular demand: Firestone Country Club! After several years away, the 2010 InfoCision Golfer of the Year Invitational will be conducted at Firestone Country Club.  ADGA Members will have the opportunity to qualify in numerous ways for this premier invitational, including ADGA events and other local tournaments.

This year, the ADGA is offering a Players Membership program. The main purpose of this program is to increase tournament payouts to enhance the excitement of competition. The program costs only $50, but includes the opportunity to earn Ungvary Cup points in non-ADGA events.

Last year, the ADGA Schedule was modified to include some new events. This year is no different. While our traditional match play events have been eliminated, we’ve added Senior Divisions to all of our events. The 2010 schedule now includes four one-day regular season events, in addition to the InfoCision Golfer of the Year Invitational which will be returning to Firestone Country Club.

Also new for 2010, Dr. Jeff Mallette has been granted a spot on the ADGA Board, joining Dave Chapple, Mike Burnett, Kevin Larizza, Dan Marr, Chris Minear, Richard Slivinski and Director Tim Davis.

The ADGA has also restarted the publishing of the Player’s Book, which has been printed and is available at many area golf shops and courses.

Finally, we’ve modified our Tournament Payouts & Point Allocations for 2010. This year, full field payouts will be established and posted prior to the event, and Senior Division payouts will be equivalent to Regular Division payouts (places depends on final field size).

As always, complete information and tournament registration details can be found on the ADGA website.


  1. Avatar
    March 25, 2010

    Just want someone to know when I try and go to the ADGA website it says the Domain has expired so you can’t go to their website. Thanks

    • Allen Freeman
      March 26, 2010

      Thanks for the heads up Dustin. I’ve emailed the ADGA guys to let them know.

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