PD Now Follows Northeast Ohio Golf

Golf media coverage in Northeast Ohio may have come full circle.

Prior to 2007, golf coverage in greater Cleveland was dominated by the Plain Dealer, with nationally-recognized writer George Sweda driving that coverage. It was THE source for anyone who wanted to know about any golf story in the area.

After George retired, Tim Rogers took over the job and did a commendable job. But Tim was caught up in the changing newspaper landscape and the PD stopped covering the game regionally, opting only for syndicated Tour stories.

That’s why Northeast Ohio Golf was launched. The site took off pretty quickly and it’s grown steadily every year since 2008. In fact, 2014 was another record traffic year.

Today, the Plain Dealer and NEOhio Media Group began to follow NEOHgolf.com on Twitter:

Our ‘New Follower’ Twitter notice about the PD / NE Ohio Media Group following Northeast Ohio Golf

Full circle. Pretty cool. Welcome PD!

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