OHSAA Loosens Grip on Best Local Juniors

Ohio High School Athletic Association State Golf Championships

The Ohio High School Athletic Association had a long-standing rule that prohibited student-athletes from participating in non-interscholastic events during season while also being a member of the high school team.

Their belief was that students should be only with their school team and school coach during that sports’ season.

Maxwell and John Moldovan
Maxwell and John Moldovan
But after some significant petitioning by a number of parents and players over the years — and most recently by John Moldovan and his state-championship-winning son Maxwell Moldovan of Green High School — OHSAA and its new Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass recently decided that the sports of golf and tennis might benefit if play was opened up to allow for more opportunities outside of the high school team, even during season.

OHSAA realized that in many instances, the existing rules inhibited the growth of school-sponsored golf. Some of the more talented players would occasionally have to choose between participating in a nationally-ranked non-school event or be a part of their high school team.

No kid should have to make that choice.

So for the upcoming fall season, OHSAA has created a waiver process for high school golf and tennis players, to offer permission to compete in a limited number of outside events that are conducted during season.

For 2018, the OHSAA golf waiver process is:

– After a golfer becomes an official member of the school team (by playing in a scrimmage or a match), the players is now permitted up to three waivers to compete in non-interscholastic events (scrambles, tournaments, outings, etc.) during the golf season.

– Each waiver must be requested to the Executive Director’s Office prior to the event by a school administrator, and each waiver is good for one event. Approval must be received prior to participating in the event.

– To be considered a single event, all play in that event must be held on consecutive days.

– No waivers will be approved for events taking place after September 16th, the start of the OHSAA Tournament.

– Golfers may delay joining their golf team all the way through September 3rd so as to participate in as many non-interscholastic events as they see fit. But those players must join their golf team by September 4th to be eligible for the 2018 OHSAA Tournament. Once joining the team, the player still has the opportunity to receive up to three waivers through September 16th.

Sounds like a well-thought out win-win solution…

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