The numbers for rounds of golf played in Greater Cleveland could hardly have been better for October 2019. The October weather was spectacular and the play numbers reflected it.

According to the latest report from Golf Datatech, Cleveland experienced a whopping 34.6% increase in rounds played vs its 2018 numbers.

Year-to-date, the numbers continued to grow to the positive against last year’s totals, up 4.9% for 2019 v 2018.

For all of Ohio, play figures are up a healthy +7.3% YTD 2019 vs 2018, after bouncing up a big +32.9% in October.

Regionally, Ohio is in “East North Central”. For the region, rounds played spiked up +20.9%, and are up +3.9% for the year.

Nationwide, overall rounds played were up 4.0+ for October but just +0.9% for the year, with the rainy weather in the Pacific, Mountain and South Atlantic regions pulled down the rest of the USA.

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