Northeast Ohio Golfers Retain Rider Cup with Tie

The victorious 2013 Northeast Ohio Rider Cup Team
The victorious 2013 Northeast Ohio Rider Cup Team

The annual three-day showdown between the teams from Northeast Ohio and Southwest Pennsylvania, playfully called the Rider Cup (spelling intentional!), ended in a tie. So Northeast Ohio retains the Cup!

The match is a traditional rivalry among golfers of all levels who travel between the Greater Cleveland and Pittsburgh metropolitan areas to compete.

The event was organized in 1999 among participants who reside or maintain ties in both areas. It is held on the third weekend in September every year and alternates between the two states.

This year it was Pennsylvania’s turn to host the event.

Saturday started with a practice round followed by best-ball match play at Champion Lakes Golf Club. The event concluded with individual match play at Ligonier County Club.

The Northeast Ohio team rallied from a 19 to 11 point deficit after the first day, and settled for a 45 to 45 tie. That was good enough to retain the Rider Cup as the defending champion!

The members of this years Ohio Team, as pictured above: Dave Sotka, Mark Foss, Gary Santore, Joe Stump, Brian Pentek, Joe Blackburn, Ken Bieniek, Ron Gordish, Steve Blackburn Sr., Mike Yelenic (Asst. Captain), Carl Quercioli, John Sitchko, Tom Rittberger, Steve Blackburn Jr (Captain), Sean Kreft, Mike Angie, Bobby Delcoco, Eric Bartowick, Dan Marinelli. Not pictured Mark White.


FINAL RESULTS: 2013 Rider Cup
Saturday and Sunday, Sept 21-22, 2013


DAY ONE: Better Ball Match Play – Champion Lakes Golf Course

Match # PennsylvaniaPointsOhioPoints
111:00Tom Pavelchick Sean Kreft 
 WhiteFrank Yelenik3Eric Bartowick0
211:10Elvis Chutorich Mike Yelenik 
 WhiteAl Bernazolli 1/2Tom Rittberger2 1/2
311:20Eddie Sebedra Joe Stump 
 WhiteJim Skacan2 1/2Ron Gordish 1/2
411:30Steve Bloom Ken Bieniek 
 WhiteJoe Silveri2 1/2Carl Quercioli 1/2
511:40Butchy Leonard Gary Santore 
 WhiteTom Kunkle0John Sichko3
611:50Shawn McMillen Mark White 
 WhiteJohn Caruso2 1/2Joe Blackburn 1/2
712:00Clint Robins Dan Marinelli 
 BlueMike Dixon3Bobby Delcoco0
812:10Mike Mentch Brian Pentek 
 BlueMatt Reed2 1/2Mike Angie 1/2
912:20Bob Plish Steve Blackburn Sr. 
 BluePaul Berzansky2Mark Foss1
1012:30Frank Frontino Dave Sotka 
 BlueBernie DiLoreto 1/2Steve Blackburn Jr.2 1/2
TOTAL  19 11


DAY TWO: Individual Match Play – Ligonier Country Club

Match # PennsylvaniaPointsOhioPoints
110:00Tom Pavelchick1 1/2Sean Kreft1 1/2
210:00Frank Yelenik2Eric Bartowick1
310:10Elvis Chutorich0Mike Yelenik3
410:10Al Bernazolli1 1/2Tom Rittberger1 1/2
510:20Eddie Sebedra3Joe Stump0
610:20Jim Skacan3Ron Gordish0
710:30Steve Bloom 1/2Ken Bieniek2 1/2
810:30Joe Silveri2 1/2Carl Quercioli 1/2
910:40Butchy Leonard1 1/2Gary Santore1 1/2
1010:40Tom Kunkle 1/2John Sichko2 1/2
1110:50Shawn McMillen1Mark White2
1210:50John Caruso2 1/2Joe Blackburn 1/2
1311:00Clint Robins2Dan Marinelli1
1411:00Mike Dixon 1/2Bobby Delcoco2 1/2
1511:10Mike Mentch0Brian Pentek3
1611:10Matt Reed1 1/2Mike Angie1 1/2
1711:20Bob Plish0Steve Blackburn Sr.3
1811:20Paul Berzansky2 1/2Mark Foss 1/2
1911:30Frank Frontino0Dave Sotka3
2011:30Bernie DiLoreto0Steve Blackburn Jr.3
  DAY 2 RESULT26 34
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