Last summer, the Board of Directors of the Northern Ohio Golf Association voted to expand the organization’s mission starting in 2019.

A part of NOGA’s transformation plan: opening to the public entry into all of its golf tournaments.

So what exactly does that mean for the players/readers of Northeast Ohio Golf?

An opportunity to play competitive tournament golf at some of the best clubs in the region. Sand Ridge. Glenmoor. Lakewood. Barrington. Elyria. Shaker. Firestone. Fairlawn. Shady Hollow. Portage. More.

NOGANOGA has joined with as an Association Member for 2019. That means the entire slate of NOGA events will be promoted on our Tournament Calendar, in our Email Newsletter and through our Call-for-Entries stories.

Then after the play of each NOGA event, readers will see comprehensive editorial and photo coverage, including a game story, on-course action pics, a photo gallery, and the final scores and results from every division.

By now, some questions probably come to mind:

You mean I can play in NOGA events without joining a club?

So how do I sign up?

And how much does it cost?

The short answers:

That’s correct.

It’s super easy.

It’s surprisingly affordable.

Watch for complete details about NOGA’s new mission and its 2019 tournament schedule, all fully-explained on in the weeks ahead…

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