NEOHgolf.comWinter is long and cold. We need to think about golf just to get through it.

So Northeast Ohio Golf has come up with a way to generate some golf conversation all winter long, and perhaps even help improve golf in the region: a weekly series of webpoll questions.

Every Tuesday starting the day after New Year’s Day, we’ll formulate and post a new poll question related to golf in Greater Cleveland.

At the end of the week, we’ll give a recap of the results we collect, provide some analysis about what those results might mean, and discuss how the information can help golf course and tournament directors better their offerings.

Then we’ll post up a new question for the next week!

The Northeast Ohio Golf Weekly Winter Webpolls will be a great way to see collectively what our region’s golfers think about the game.

To get this all rolling, we kick off the series with the following question:

What is your favorite tournament golf format?

Watch for results from this poll right after Jan 1, then check back every Tuesday through March for a new question!

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