Northeast Ohio Golf logoNortheast Ohio Golf wants to entice as many players as possible to compete each month in its Stroke Play Series.

And clearly, many of the best amateur players in the region do participate; just look at the names and winning scores from last season. The level of play required to win an event — or even finish top-10! — is quite high.

That might leave some pretty good players of any age feeling like they may not be able to compete for total score against such a field.

But these good golfers still want to play with the best players. They want to better their game through competition. And they want the chance to win a little jack while working through the process.

So for 2017, Northeast Ohio Golf will offer a new entry option to all Stroke Play Series players: a Skins Only entry.

Just like last year, the standard $100 Pot + Skins entry fee covers 18 holes of golf with cart, $40+ to the tournament stroke play pot, $20 to the big skins game pot, and an event operations fee of $5. And only these Pot + Skins players can win the stroke play portion of each tournament.

But new for this year, we will also offer a $70 Skins Game Only entry option that covers 18 holes of golf with cart, $30 to the big skins game pot, and an event operations fee of $5.

The extra $10 ($30 vs. $20 for skins) from Skins Only players offsets any strategy advantage that might be gained by not competing for stroke play score. Plus it builds up the skins pot total, of course!

A Skins Only player will follow all of the same rules of play, including hitting from age-appropriate tees. That player can even X-out on a hole and still be in the running for a skin with a good birdie or eagle.

A player need not designate which option he will compete under when signing up for the event; that choice can be a game-day decision made at check-in. We welcome competitors to play for Skins Only if that is the comfortable entry option.

Adding a Skins Only option to go along with the Pot + Skins game will build up the field while making for an even bigger skins pot total. That’s a win-win all the way around.

And it all starts April 1st at the Stroke Play #6 at Turkeyfoot

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