The brand new site design sure looks slick, like a car with new tires and a paint job. But some improvements were made under the hood as well, and some nifty new floor mats and an air freshener were added in. (See how I continued that car metaphor there?)

For the engine, check out the navigation and you’ll see some Categories have been moved around — and a couple new ones were added, too.

First, some game stories have been consolidated into a new category called County Amateur Championships. There you will find the Am and Senior Am events from Summit County, Portage County, Stark County, Tuscarawas County, and any other county that establishes an event going forward — plus the Cleveland Am is now there, too.

Next, you’ll, see another new Category in the nav: X-OUT Tours & Associations. This is where you will find stories from the golf associations and pro tours that are “no longer with us” amen. These stories have not been a part of the navigation for the last couple years; you could only find them by search. But it’s always good to take a stroll down memory lane to see who played some great golf on a dead tour, so now there is direct access to these stories again.

Freshening the air is the new site design, which highlights bigger photos and clean typesets. We’ll take advantage of the photo-focus upgrades in the months ahead.

Finally, you’ll also notice two shiny new floor mats at the bottom of each story.

First, the author’s name, a small photo and a one-line bio are now below each article. That way you can see who wrote the blather you are reading, and either herald or blame them.

Then in the comments section, for those registered users who add a photo to their online profile, a little headshot will appear next to your comments. Comb your hair before you take your mugshot.

There are still a few photo and type kinks to work out (i.e. some doubling up of photos at the top of some posts), as there are now nine years of stories on the site posted under different frameworks. I’ve looked at the new site on my laptop, my Android phone and my iPad, but there are a million other devices I have not checked. So if something looks really weird, please send an email so it can be sorted out.

Hope you like. And 2017 event information will be making its way onto the Tournament Calendar soon…

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