NCJT Updates 2020 Tour Status for COVID-19

North Coast Junior Tour

We are all experiencing rough times as governments handle the COVID-19 outbreak and the North Coast Junior Tour would like to share our status and thoughts at this point.

Obviously, no one can predict when we may be free from this health crisis, which is why we would like to hold-off on making any modifications to our upcoming tour season, scheduled to start at Lost Nation on June 2nd.

We’d like to wait until May 1st (one month out) before making any decisions, just in case we are able to return to our normal routines by our season opener.

Until then, we will keep tour registration open, however we’d like everyone to hold off on submitting tournament entries until we make further announcements on the upcoming season.

We wish you and your family safe health during these troubled times and look forward to seeing everyone once we are safe to gather again.

Thank you for your support!

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