Golf Improvement Center Medina OHThe Golf Improvement Center, a year-round driving range with a patio, bar and restaurant located on Route 18 in Medina, will close its doors for good on April 30th.

According to an employee at the range, the property has been sold to a developer and the land will be used to build a nursing home complex.

The 37 acre facility was opened in 1999, with the bar and restaurant added in 2013.

Putters Pub patio medina OH
The outdoor patio at The Putters Pub, part of the Golf Improvement Center.


  1. Ty Kovach
    March 19, 2019

    This is Ty reporting live from Medina. Out

    • Avatar
      March 24, 2019

      I am the managing member of Dornoch LTD which owns the Golf Improvement Center. No employee was authorized to speak on behalf the compnany. While it is true a sale of the property is a possibility nothing has been finalized. If and when that were to happen we will be posting a communication on our website which will include a thank you to our many good friends and customers over our 20 years of operations. Thanks.

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