Mastran Aces a Par 4 at the Summit County Am — But Doesn’t Get a Skin!

Michael MastranMichael Mastran made what might be the shot of his life in Saturday’s first round of the 2011 Summit County Amateur at Good Park Golf Course in Akron.

Summit County Amateur Golf ChampionshipWith the tees moved up to 270 yards to entice players into going for the par-4 green at the 12th hole, Mastran flew his tee shot with a driver directly at the tucked front-left ‘sliver’ position and landed his ball right behind the hole. The ball bounced up, and from the tee the group thought the ball flown over the very small corner of the green.

The resulting ball mark was big and chunky, and a foot directly behind the hole. The players in the group searched over the back of the green for about a minute before Mastran decided to look inside the hole — where he found his ball! Instead of hopping forward with the driver as the group had thought, the ball had buried into the wet green for a moment, then hopped backward into the cup!

For all of the incredible combination of luck and skill that went into Mastran’s hole-in-one on a par-4, there was one not-so-lucky side: Mastran decided before the round not to enter the $10 per day big skins game at the event — missing out on any chance to win money from the pot of about $1,300 in play just for Saturday!

But at least a lifetime-memory was won: an ace on a par 4. Congratulations Michael!

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