Let’s Go to the Polls! Larizza Seeks Input on Pin Placements for Chippewa Championship

Northeast Ohio Golf

Chippewa Golf Club owner Kevin Larizza is asking the players for their thoughts in deciding just how difficult the pin positions should be set for this weekend’s Chippewa Championship! Larizza has placed an online poll on his Chippewa GC website and is letting you vote!

A friendly debate has broken out about just how difficult the pin positions should be for the event, started last week when this Northeast Ohio Golf article asked Larizza to stop “ironman positions” and go for “challenging but eminently fair”. Since then, posted opinions have run the gamut, but the poll adds a new dimension to the debate.

So far, it’s crystal clear that guys don’t want the golf course set up “easy” (a statistical non-factor at 1% of the vote!) but they also don’t want “ironman” either (just 20% of the vote to date). So it seems as if the polling race (currently tied at 39% each) is between “able to stop it from anywhere on the green” with a well-played shot vs. “only able to stop it on the green from one avenue” — meaning you better be below the hole all weekend long.

It will be up to Larizza to decide later this week what direction he wants to go, so place your vote today. And stay tuned…

[Haven’t signed up for the tournament yet? Details here.]

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    August 17, 2010

    Great idea Kevin, let the golfers decide how they want to play the golf course.

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