Lambos, Beal Lead ADGA 36-Holer

Akron District Golf Association

ADGANick Lambos and defending champion Ross Beal lead the pack after tying with a score of 69 after round one of the 2010 ADGA Lannings Restaurant 36-hole stroke play event.

But a huge number of players are right on their heels, including 11 players who are within five shots of the lead going into day two at Seven Hills CC on Sunday.

ADGA 2010 Lannings 36-Hole Stroke Play Event
Scores from Round One: Barberton Brookside CC

Nick Lambos36-33–69
Ross Beal35-34–69
Dan Marr35-35–70
Darren Phipps34-36–70
Dave Pulk35-35–70
David Trier35-35–70
Mike Simpson33-37–70
Aaron Crewse35-36–71
Rob Schustrich34-37–71
John Oyster36-36–72
Don Padgett III37-36–73
Kurt Peterson35-38–73
Mike Armour39-34–73
Chris Minear36-39–75
Jason Chadima38-37–75
Jim Cea37-38–75
Brandon Isobe38-38–76
Danny Mosholder38-38–76
John Kabasky38-38–76
Joshua Brown37-39–76
Rich Lowry39-37–76
Chris Plute41-36–77
Rob Loomis39-38–77
Tommy Li41-36–77
Brian Vincelette41-38–79
Jeff Wenger41-38–79
John Johnston40-39–79
Mark Thomas41-38–79
Mike Burnett37-42–79
Chris Okeson39-41–80
Jeff Gainer41-40–81
Robert Wadsworth42-40–82
Ryan Gaughan40-42–82
Ryan Oldfield44-38–82
Steve Feist41-42–83
Jerry Moore41-44–85
Mychal Agarenzo40-45–85
Jeff Barbas46-41–87


Senior Division
Jim Niskanen37-36–73
Fred Miller36-38–74
Joe Hedrick37-38–75
Tom Stack40-36–76
Tim Davis42-36–78
Tom Thompson43-38–81
Kevin Larizza40-41–81
Dave Chapple40-42–82
Jim Tarter41-41–82
Terry Szwast44-38–82
Steve Kimson43-40–83
John Kern41-43–84
Harold Weaver45-41–86
Steve Wilson43-44–87
No. 15 – Nick Lambos – Birdie
No. 17 – Nick Lambos – Birdie
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