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High School Golf Results: Northeast Ohio Golf

Ohio High School Golf Coaches WantedTo the High School Golf Coaches of Northeast Ohio:

Local media coverage for high school golf is almost non-existent. Many area newspapers won’t even publish match results in tiny type! That lack of recognition can take the fire out of some kids to keep playing competitive golf — a problem for our region.

So to shine a spotlight back on young local golfers, NEOHgolf.com will begin publishing a High School Golf Section starting this Fall 2016.

But to make this coverage work, we need help from high school golf coaches — or help from a player on the team, a journalism student, or a parent designated by the coach — to act as a media liaison to us.

Here’s the plan:

First, we want to preview every high school golf team we can right at the beginning of August.

Then during the regular season, we will publish all the match results we can.

And finally once the State Tournament season rolls around, we’ll cover sectionals, regionals and state championships from start to finish.

But to make this coverage package work, we need help from area golf coaches, parents and players.


If you are a high school golf coach, please email golf@NEOHgolf.com with your name, the name of the school you coach, and a phone number. From these emails we will create a contact list of Northeast Ohio golf coaches.

HAVE RESULTS TO SUBMIT? See the easy-to-use format for emailing results here >

Questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Contact Allen Freeman at golf@NEOHgolf.com or call 216-577-8756.


Growing the game of golf in Northeast Ohio means getting high school players to become competitive amateurs after they graduate. Promoting their high school golf accomplishments is a great way to build that lifelong desire to play the game!

(PLAYERS: make sure your school’s golf coach sees this message! Share a link to this page and ask the coach to read and register!)

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