Help Wanted: Golf Writers & Videographers

Northeast Ohio Golf

reporter200It’s time to make Northeast Ohio Golf even better editorially.

Time for more in-depth golf feature stories, cool photos, entertaining videos.

So HELP WANTED all you writers, videographers, photographers.

ESPECIALLY TALKING TO YOU, college journalism majors and high school newspaper writers. (Mom/Dad, pass this on.)

Expand your portfolio of work. Earn a byline. Gain experience. Make a few bucks in the process.

Email me.

Tell me your LOCAL golf story idea. (Sorry, no ‘What’s Wrong with Tiger Woods?’ rants or reviews of a golf course in Ireland.)

Or show me your talent in some previous work and I’ll give you a local golf story idea.

Then send me a polished content product I can post here, and you’ll get byline credit, a picture of your smiling face next to your work, and enough money to buy you and your sweetie a nice lunch.


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