steve weir pine hills 2 LEGTCoach Steve Weir and the Cleveland State Vikings Golf Team have put together a raffle, and the winning prize is very cool: two Masters badges for Thursday and Friday of this year’s “toonamint” plus $1,000 for travel expenses!

Tickets for the raffle are $100 each, so it’s a very nice prize for a small parlay.

“But that’s not all!” as they say on the game shows.

Several members of some top private golf clubs in CLE have stepped up to sponsor a group at their home clubs as the second-sixth place prizes, too. The courses are some of Northeast Ohio’s most iconic tracks: Sand Ridge, Barrington, Kirtland, Pepper Pike, Lakewood and Firestone!

The team is only selling 250 raffle tickets, so odds of winning are much better than beating all of Steve’s guys in the Cleveland Am


All proceeds go to help better the Vikings golf program. The winners will be drawn on Feb 28th. Official raffle rules PDF flyer here.

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