Hastings Calls It Quits for The Medalist Tour

The Medalist TourThe Medalist Tour Director Mike Hastings sent the following email to a number of players and to Northeast Ohio Golf at noon today, ending the operations of that Tour. But not every question is answered in the email — especially financial ones.

Everyone —

It is with great regret that I inform you that The Medalist Tour will cease operation immediately. I thank all of you who have participated in the 20 events we staged this year, unfortunately things did not work out.

I will be dissolving the LLC in the coming weeks. Hopefully someone else will pick up the banner and try anew next year, but it won’t be me.

Mike Hastings
Tour Director

Hastings did not appear at the final Medalist Tour event, a pro-am scramble held last Friday at Raintree Golf Club — one that was originally scheduled for Rosemont Country Club. Instead, he left Tour associate Chris Marino to handle the operations at the scramble. The final event attracted only had a handful of teams to play, and a very small cash payout was distributed upon the completion of play. Other than a quick posting of Friday’s starting times, the scramble was not referenced on the Tour’s website at all during the week, leading to speculation that a bigger problem existed.

A number of professional and amateur players have indicated they have not yet received full payment for winnings earned in this year’s events, so NEOHgolf.com will continue to follow up on this story…


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    October 10, 2010

    After reading all of this along with Hastings comments it’s seems a little shady to me I ran some numbers and even with his small fields he had thousands left over. So mike where’s the money did you and the board figure out a way to make a quick buck, not to mention if his board played for free they were just taking advantage of the field. Cheats, you all mine as well get Corp jobs your perfect for tha world of using a business to take others money. Mike still owes me a gift card and I will never see it, perhaps it will make knife Christmas gift for someone.

    This shows to his true character and I am appoled for being on his side all year long, he has defiantly pulled the rug over some of our hads here in north Ohio. And your absoutly right about the post on membership fees they were free!!!!!! For Christ sakes he was trying to get people interested to play, so mike tell us all a different lie, your a fraud I hope you enjoy he money, obviously you can’t get a real job so you use something like this to take advantage of us that were just looking for a place to play, you and your board in my opinion are all scammers and I will make sure I spread the true word of you and them, I mean honestly there are some questionable characters on that board and this all makes sense now!!! Enjoy my gift card mike I know I’ll never see it.

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    October 4, 2010

    One of the biggest problems was pace of play. The other was allowing players to request playing partners…and that obviously proved costly. Mike and Chris were very accommodating with regards to flexibility. Maybe sometimes too flexible. A lot can be learned from the way the NOPGA runs sectional tournaments vs how some of the Medalist tournaments were ran.

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    October 4, 2010

    I am owed $300 for winning at Windmill Lakes, requested the debit card to be mailed to me weeks ago.

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