Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 24

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameWith three events left in the chase for the Thompson Cup, Steve Blackburn Jr. and Mike Angie have been running neck to neck for weeks. Now with just two more nights to go, it’s even tighter!

Angie captured the first skin of the night this Thursday at Fowler’s Mill with a birdie at the difficult first hole. But Blackburn Jr. answered with a pin shot and birdie skin on the par-3 seventh hole. The pin shot win means Blackburn Jr. has closed the gap on Angie to a mere $13.09 for the season! 

Nick Anagnost claimed the third skin of the evening with a birdie on the tricky par-4 sixth hole. Anagnost also captured the pin shot on the third hole. Skins were worth $69 each and pin shots paid $31.50.

Next Thursday, the skins game travels for the first time to Stonewater at 4 p.m. where all players are welcome at a $25 golf and cart rate. Please note proper dress required. Stonewater will be the second to last event of the season, as the “Double Down” event will be contested at Powderhorn the following week.

NOTE: Teams are still being accepted for Saturday’s 3-man scramble at Powderhorn. With just 10 teams, a pot of over $1600 will be in play, thanks to Powderhorn’s reduced green fees!  Entry is $80 per man which includes green fees, skins, and entry. Email to sign up or call Powderhorn at 440-428-5951.


Player Name TOTALSkins Skins $ Pins Pins $
Mike Angie$1,307.088$1,118.585$188.50
Steve Blackburn Jr$1,293.9910$1,087.495$206.50
Rob Schustrich$696.505$661.501$35.00
Dave Sotka$537.833$360.334$177.50
Eddie Neer$450.502$391.002$59.50
Gary Zehe$407.993$281.993$126.00
Steve Blackburn Sr$397.002$397.00
George Martin$388.662$280.162$108.50
Joe Tasca$388.503$336.001$52.50
Scott Mackar$375.002$273.003$102.00
John Niedzialek$351.502$123.507$228.00
Nick Anagnost$322.502$207.003$115.50
Sam Corabi$316.502$235.002$81.50
Paul Kish$308.663$270.161$38.50
Mark Foss$307.001$160.004$147.00
Allen Freeman$207.002$207.00
Geoff Nicely$122.661$122.66
Jim Lebzelter$111.661$76.661$35.00
Tom Evans$98.001$98.00
Brian McCullough$98.001$98.00
Paul Kasper$76.661$76.66
Josh Krause$63.001$63.00
Bill Spears$51.751$51.75
Jarrod Dixon$50.001$50.00
Tom Herrmann$49.001$49.00
Russ Rybka$45.501$45.50
Joe DiDonato$42.001$42.00
Dave DeLong$38.501$38.50
Tim Linnnich$37.501$37.50
Anthony Marinelli$37.501$37.50
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