Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 18 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameEveryone has a lucky hole. Mark Foss finds the 12th at Powderhorn Golf Club to his liking: his birdie there held up again for a $149.50 skin.

Geoff Nicely notched the other skin on Thursday with a birdie on the par-3 17th hole, and also took the pin shot there. Nicely takes home $149.50 for his skin plus $45.50 for his pin shot.

Dave Sotka captured the other pin shot on #14 worth $45.50.

Blackburn Jr. still holds on to the season-long lead in the Greater Cleveland Skins Game. He was shut out again this week — after all four of his birdies were tied!

Players have only two more weeks to qualify to play in one of the highest paying tournaments of the year: The Greater Cleveland Shoot-Out. The Shoot-Out, an individual stroke play event, will be held Labor day at Fowlers Mill. This sponsored tournament offers a huge prize! If you want to play on Labor Day and haven’t yet played in two events this season, you only have a two weeks left to do so!

The Skins Game moves to Thunder Hill GC in Madison this Thursday, August 21 starting at 5 p.m.  Green Fees will be $15.00 riding! Please thank the course management for these special green fees to our group. Any players that want to play a “warm up 9 hole round” before the scheduled skins game must call the course first to make such arrangements.

Greater Cleveland Skins Game Leaderboard Through Week 18
1) Steve Blackburn Jr.    $1,253.77
2) Mark Foss                   $1,035.00
3) John Niedzialek          $874.50
4) Paul Kish                      $726.46
5) Geoff Nicely                 $431.50
6) Nick Anagnost             $429.33
7) Mike Angie                 $385.89
8) Dave Sotka                  $340.33
9) Steve Blackburn Sr.   $340.00
10) George Martin            $268.20
11) Brian McGinty            $264.50
12) Russ Rybka                 $201.00
13) Corey Iacofano           $168.66
13) Rob Schustrich           $168.66
15) Garry Zehe                $166.50
16) Jim Lebzelter              $151.83
17)  Josh Krause              $144.83
18) Anthony Maenza        $127.00
19)  Phil Bojc                    $103.50
20) Jeff Ettinger                $84.00
21) John Zook                   $77.00
22) Al Freeman                 $63.00
22) John Distefano            $63.00
24) Dan Lanese                  $45.50
25) Clint Paxson                  $45.50
26) Tom Bond                    $45.50
27) Cliff Lawrence            $36.00
28) Ron Rositani                 $33.00
29) Matt White                   $33.00

— John Niedzialek

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