Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 14

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameAn all-day rain did not stop the Greater Cleveland Skins Game players from an enjoyable night at Madison Country Club. At 5 p.m., the skies cleared and the competition began.

Rob Shustrich of Windham captured the only skin of the night on the par-4 second hole, worth $207. Only two holes were birdied on the course, and nobody could birdie the pair of relatively easy par fives.

Dave Sotka captured the pin shot on the 4th hole, and Sam Corabi staked a shot at the tough 215 yard ninth hole but missed the putt. The pin shots were worth $31.50 each.

Mike Angie still holds the top spot on the leaderboard of the Greater Cleveland Skins game after Week 14.

Next week Thursday, the skins game travels to Powderhorn GC in Madison at 5 pm; the course is in great shape and players can enjoy the special $13 riding and $6 walking green fee rate!


Player Name Total Skins Skins $ Pins Pins $
Mike Angie$858.003$745.002$113.00
Steve Blackburn Jr$855.164$694.163$161.00
Rob Schustrich$530.003$495.001$35.00
Eddie Neer$450.502$391.002$59.50
Steve Blackburn Sr$397.002$397.00
George Martin$388.662$280.162$108.50
Joe Tasca$388.503$336.001$52.50
Dave Sotka$315.501$138.004$177.50
Gary Zehe$285.162$197.662$87.50
John Niedzialek$263.501$92.004$171.50
Allen Freeman$207.002$207.00
Sam Corabi$156.501$75.002$81.50
Geoff Nicely$122.661$122.66
Jim Lebzelter$111.661$76.661$35.00
Paul Kish$103.501$103.50
Tom Evans$98.001$98.00
Brian McCullough$98.001$98.00
Paul Kasper$76.661$76.66
Josh Krause$63.001$63.00
Mark Foss$59.502$59.50
Jarrod Dixon$50.001$50.00
Russ Rybka$45.501$45.50
Tim Linnnich$37.501$37.50
Anthony Marinelli$37.501$37.50
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