Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 12 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameJohn Niedzialek of Concord cleaned house Thursday, as he birdied the lucky 13th hole for the only skin and captured a pin shot on the 17th hole at Pleasant Hills. Niedzialek took home a whopping $291.50 for nine holes of work.

George Martin had the other pin shot on the 18th hole, worth $38.50.

Birdies were scarce at Pleasant Hills, even with winter rules being played on the wet conditions. Niedzialek now moves up to secon place in the Greater Cleveland Skins Game Leaderboard, in chase of the Thompson Cup. Steve Blackburn Jr. still leads the list, but was shut out for the third straight week.

The Skins Game moves to Powderhorn GC in Madison this Thursday, July 10 starting at 5:30pm. Green fees will be $13.00 riding and $6.00 walking! Please thank the Powderhorn staff for being gracious enough for providing the Greater Cleveland Skins Game participant these great rates. Any players wishing to play a “warm up 9 hole round” before the scheduled skins game must call the course first to make such arrangements.

Player are reminded that the “Big $60 Double Down” 9 Hole Skin Game will be coming up Thursday July 24, and only players that have participated at least one time in the Greater Cleveland Skins game can play that night.

Greater Cleveland Skins Game Leaderboard Through Week 12
1) Steve Blackburn Jr.    $1110.27
2) John Niedzialek    $599.83
3) Mark Foss    $563.50
4) Paul Kish    $557.80
5) Dave Sotka    $294.83
6) George Martin    $268.20
7)  Brian McGinty    $264.50
8) Geoff Nicely    $236.50
9) Russ Rybka    $201.00
10) Mike Angie    $186.90
11) Corey Iacofano    $168.66
11) Rob Schustrich    $168.66
13) Garry Zehe    $166.50
14) Steve Blackburn Sr.    $162.00
15) Anthony Maenza    $127.00
16) Nick Anagnost    $107.33
17)  Phil Bosc    $103.50
18) Jeff Ettinger    $84.00
19) John Zook    $77.00
20) Al Freeman     $63.00
20) John Distefano    $63.00
22) Jim Lebzelter    $52.50
23) Dan Lanese    $45.50
24) Clff Paxson    $45.50
25) Tom Bond    $45.50

— John  Niedzialek

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