Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 10 Results

Fourteen players tested the sporty back nine at Pleasant Hills, and three skins were won on the first three holes of play, worth $107.33 each.

John Niedzialek won a skin with a birdie on the par-4 first hole. Dave Sotka eagled the par-5 second hole and Nick Anagnost birdied the par-4 third.

Paul Kish hit it tight on the fourth hole to get the pin there, while George Martin captured the pin shot on the fifth hole. Each pin shot was worth $49.00.

Steve Blackburn maintains his big lead the on the Greater Cleveland Skins Leaderboard, but was shut-out Thursday night.

The Cleveland Skins Game moves to Thunder Hill GC this Thursday, June 26 starting at 5:00pm. Green Fees will be $15.00 riding; please thank the course management for providing Greater Cleveland Skins Game participants with this great rate on a great course. Any players that wants to play a warm up 9 hole round before the scheduled skins game must call the course first to make such arrangements.

Greater Cleveland Skins Game Leaderboard Through Week 10
1) Steve Blackburn Jr.   $1,110.27
2) Mark Foss   $563.50
3) Paul Kish   $504.60
4) John Niedzialek   $308.33
5) Dave Sotka   $294.83
6) Brian McGinty   $264.50
7) Geoff Nicely   $236.50
8) Russ Rybka   $201.00
9) Corey Iacofano   $168.66
9) Rob Schustrich   $168.66
11) Garry Zehe   $166.50
12) George Martin   $129.50
13) Steve Blackburn Sr.   $108.80
14) Nick Anagnost   $107.33
15) Phil Bosc   $103.50
16) Jeff Ettinger   $84.00
17) Mike Angie   $80.50
18) John Zook   $77.00
19) Anthony Maenza   $77.00
20) Al Freeman   $63.00
20) John Distefano   $63.00
22) Jim Lebzelter   $52.50
23) Dan Lanese   $45.50
24) Clff Paxson   $45.50
25) Tom Bond   $45.50

— John Niedzialek

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