Golf Rules You Can Hide Behind

Northeast Ohio Golf

Don’t have the courage to speak up when you see a rules infraction during a round of golf? We’ve found the perfect website for you.

Recently launched gives the truly meek of the world a chance to enforce the rules of golf from behind a curtain, anonymously, without the requirement of accountability or an ounce of fortitude.

From the website company’s press release:

“If you are playing golf with someone who violates the rules ( inadvertently or otherwise) or offends common courtesy, you may wish to send them an anonymous email suggesting they change their appreciation of the game.  We have established a web site that allows you to do so. You can select from a menu of common rules violations and objectionable conduct that will be composed in an anonymous email and sent to whoever you elect to send it to.  If you want to include your email or name you may do so.”

So there you have it: a new tool for golfers too afraid to man up. Candidly, if you have this little spine, it’s amazing you can even stand to draw the club back…

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