Have a Tournament Gift Card for Golfsmith? Here’s What to Do…


GolfsmithAs reported here yesterday, Golfsmith is already in sell-off mode after their recent bankruptcy auction to Dick’s / Golf Galaxy.

And remember, the ADGA and other events gave out merchandise gift cards redeemable at Golfsmith as prizes during the 2016 season.

So if you still have a Golfsmith gift card in your wallet — or sitting at Golfsmith because you never picked it up — are you out of luck?

First, if you haven’t picked up a gift card you won that’s still sitting in the store, get over there asap and grab it; the doors could shut at any time. The Fairlawn manager still has some ADGA gift cards in the safe.

And if you have a gift card in hand with a balance still in play, there’s bad news and good news about it.

The bad news: don’t expect to use those gift cards during the close-out blow-out. Golfsmith stores are no longer accepting payments with gift cards, as a separate liquidation company is clearing out the merchandise.

The good news, kind of: Golf Galaxy will accept Golfsmith gift cards eventually, but not until after the liquidation sale is over, likely after Christmas.

So you’ll still get something with your Golfsmith gift card, but it won’t be dirt-cheap clearance pricing at Golfsmith…

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