You know how busy barber shops and beauty salons will be once they all reopen? Looking at the crazy pile of hair on most heads, getting an appointment could be tough.

Windmill Golf CenterWindmill Golf Center in Macedonia could face the same type of rush. With all of retail closed since the start of spring, golfers have been tinkering around the edges with their existing equipment. But when retail opens back up on May 12th, there will be many players who want to see, touch and feel all of that brand new golf gear — then get properly fit for it.

SO SET YOUR FITTING APPOINTMENT NOW! Book by phone at 330-467-6425 or fill out the online fitting evaluation form to get a head start on the process. Take advantage of the expertise of one of the Top 50 Clubfitters in North America!

Windmill Golf Center Top 50 Clubfitter North America

A huge number of brand-spanking-new golf clubs are sitting on the floor in the pro shop at Windmill Golf Center, just waiting. All of the latest 2020 gear, including drivers, irons, wedges, putters. Loads of demo clubs to try. And all of the balls, shoes, bags and accessories you’ll need for the upcoming season, too.

For Northeast Ohio golfers, May 12 at Windmill Golf Center will be like Christmas morning. But if you want to get that gear so it fits your game and swing, you better book that fitting appointment now…

clubs at Windmill Golf Center

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