Koprivec Leads After the First Round of the 2010 Chippewa Championship

Greg Tayler of North Royalton hits to 17 during round one of the 2010 Chippewa Championship.

Chippewa ChampionshipKenny Koprivec grabbed the first round lead of the Chippewa Championship today, posting a smooth 2-over par score of 73 to lead by one shot over defending champion Dave Oates of Canton.

Fred Miller and Ty Kovach sit tied for third place with a score of 75, while Jim Cea finished alone in fifth place at 76 after a roller-coaster round of 32-44.

Assuming the typical Sunday hole locations in the Chippewa Championship and the tightly bunched field, anyone sitting at 80 or better still has a chance in tomorrow’s final round!

Full-field first round scores below; second round Groupings and Starting Times are shown after the list of scores.

FIRST ROUND RESULTS: 2010 Chippewa Championship
Chippewa Golf Club, Doylestown, Ohio – Par 71
Saturday, August 21, 2010

Koprivec, Kenny73
Oates, Dave74
Kovach, Ty75
Miller, Fred75
Cea, Jim76
Carney, Chris77
Furlong, John77
Beal, Ross77
Li, Tom77
Freeman, Allen77
Cutlip, Dean78
Cutlip, Dave78
Skorman, Randy78
Sargent, Nathan78
Trier, Dave78
Okeson, Chris78
Cebula, Tim78
Davis, Tim78
McBride, Tom79
Simpson, Mike79
Thomas, Mark79
Kracker, Mike79
Kabasky, John79
Bell, Ron79
Schlue, Dan79
Bryson, Rick79
Berkheimer, Dennis80
Brooker, Jerry80
Armour, Mike80
Huntley, Brian80
Stack, Tom80
Merrow, Rick80
Spino, Sam80
Coleman, Eric80
Agarenzo, Mike81
Heran, Scott81
Yacovazzi, Anthony81
Stiller, Mike81
Penrose, Jason82
Hose, Mike82
Tayler, Greg82
Richards, Bill82
Lynch, Michael83
Hamilton, Mike83
Fleming, Doug83
Hedrick, Joe83
Jenkins, Jeff83
Loomis, Rob83
Schonover, Troy83
Feeney, Pat83
Krenzer, Jim84
Barnett, Chris84
Slates, Chris84
Stonkus, Jim84
Helaney, Chris84
Marr, Dan84
Duda, Derek84
Rybka, Russ85
Weaver, Howard85
Culver, Kevin85
Smith, Rick85
Kohler, Chris85
Barber, Doug85
Thompson, Drew86
Markham, Tom86
Barbas, Jeff86
Beck, Bob86
Plute, Chris86
Wilgues, Kurt86
Bell, Brandon86
Morgan, Josh87
Bartko, Paul87
Tarter, Jim87
Cornelius, Bob87
Thompson, Tom87
Stiller, Tom87
Marshall, Dave88
Goist, Scott88
Schultz, Carl88
Wilson, Josh89
Feist, Steve89
Woodrum, Dave90
Worlow, Don90
Wilson, Steve90
Hazel, Tim90
Cox, Tim90
Lewis, Allen90
Smith, Ty91
Stormer, Jeff92
Finley, Jim92
Grosso, Jim92
Hodge, Bill93
Larabe, Johnathan93
Maxwell, Ryan94
Laubscher, Rocky94
Schwindeman, Matt94
Griffith, Cliff95
Rosetti, Rick95
Trudell, Chris95
Coates, Bill96
Calabria, Jim97
Breen, Kevin97
Chapple, Dave98
Mc Donald, Gary104
Diekman, Todd105
Casady, John114
Wenger, JeffNC
Stewart, BradNC
Larizza, KevinNC


Sunday, August 22, Chippewa Championship

Griffith, Cliff8:15 AM
Coates, Bill8:15 AM
Calabria, Jim8:15 AM
Breen, Kevin8:15 AM
Stormer, Jeff8:25 AM
Maxwell, Ryan8:25 AM
Laubscher, Rocky8:25 AM
Rosetti, Rick8:25 AM
Woodrum, Dave8:35 AM
Finley, Jim8:35 AM
Hodge, Bill8:35 AM
Schwindeman, Matt8:35 AM
Worlow, Don8:45 AM
Wilson, Steve8:45 AM
Hazel, Tim8:45 AM
Cox, Tim8:45 AM
Marshall, Dave8:55 AM
Wilson, Josh8:55 AM
Feist, Steve8:55 AM
Lewis, Allen8:55 AM
Rybka, Russ9:05 AM
Thompson, Drew9:05 AM
Goist, Scott9:05 AM
Trudell, Chris9:05 AM
Penrose, Jason9:15 AM
Morgan, Josh9:15 AM
Smith, Ty9:15 AM
Larabe, Johnathan9:15 AM
Bartko, Paul9:25 AM
Tarter, Jim9:25 AM
Cornelius, Bob9:25 AM
Thompson, Tom9:25 AM
Hose, Mike9:35 AM
Lynch, Michael9:35 AM
Stiller, Tom9:35 AM
Grosso, Jim9:35 AM
Hamilton, Mike9:55 AM
Markham, Tom9:55 AM
Mc Donald, Gary9:55 AM
Casady, John9:55 AM
Weaver, Howard10:05 AM
Barbas, Jeff10:05 AM
Beck, Bob10:05 AM
Plute, Chris10:05 AM
Fleming, Doug10:15 AM
Culver, Kevin10:15 AM
Chapple, Dave10:15 AM
Diekman, Todd10:15 AM
Krenzer, Jim10:25 AM
Barnett, Chris10:25 AM
Slates, Chris10:25 AM
Smith, Rick10:25 AM
Hedrick, Joe10:35 AM
Jenkins, Jeff10:35 AM
Stonkus, Jim10:35 AM
Helaney, Chris10:35 AM
Loomis, Rob10:45 AM
Schonover, Troy10:45 AM
Feeney, Pat10:45 AM
Kohler, Chris10:55 AM
Wilgues, Kurt10:55 AM
Bell, Brandon10:55 AM
Marr, Dan10:55 AM
Wenger, Jeff11:05 PM
Stewart, Brad11:05 PM
Larizza, Kevin11:05 PM
Schultz, Carl11:05 PM
Tayler, Greg11:15 AM
Duda, Derek11:15 AM
Barder, Doug11:15 AM
Agarenzo, Mike11:25 AM
Heran, Scott11:25 AM
Richards, Bill11:25 AM
Berkheimer, Dennis11:35 AM
Brooker, Jerry11:35 AM
Yacovazzi, Anthony11:35 AM
Stiller, Mike11:35 AM
Armour, Mike11:45 AM
Huntley, Brian11:45 AM
Stack, Tom11:45 AM
Merrow, Rick11:45 AM
McBride, Tom11:55 AM
Simpson, Mike11:55 AM
Spino, Sam11:55 AM
Coleman, Eric11:55 AM
Thomas, Mark12:05 PM
Kracker, Mike12:05 PM
Kabasky, John12:05 PM
Bell, Ron12:05 PM
Cutlip, Dean12:15 PM
Cutlip, Dave12:15 PM
Schlue, Dan12:15 PM
Bryson, Rick12:15 PM
Skorman, Randy12:25 PM
Sargent, Nathan12:25 PM
Trier, Dave12:25 PM
Okeson, Chris12:25 PM
Carney, Chris12:35 PM
Furlong, John12:35 PM
Cebula, Tim12:35 PM
Davis, Tim12:35 PM
Kovach, Ty12:45 PM
Beal, Ross12:45 PM
Li, Tom12:45 PM
Freeman, Allen12:45 PM
Koprivec, Kenny12:55 PM
Oates, Dave12:55 PM
Miller, Fred12:55 PM
Cea, Jim12:55 PM
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