Brian Huntley Wins Senior Chippewa Championship in a Playoff Over Rob Schustrich, Doug Rockich

Chippewa Golf Club Doylestown OhioIt took two playoff holes with pars on both for Uniontown’s Brian Huntley to earn his victory in the 2018 Senior Chippewa Championship.

On a soaked golf course from a weekend full of rain, a score of 1-over par 72 earned Huntley, two-time event winner Rob Schustrich and Doug Rockich a tie at the top after 18 holes. A playoff was needed to determine the overall title winner and the winner of the Age 50-59 Division, of which all three belonged.

The playoff began on the par-4 ninth, with the tees on the forward box. Huntley and Schustrich hit conservatively down the fairway. But the longer Rockich took driver over the top of the trees directly at the green, blocked the shot slightly, and ended up about six inches into the high rough through the dogleg.

From the fairway, Huntley wiped his second shot right and ended up pin-high, but about 40 feet from the hole.

Schustrich hit a solid wedge to about 12 feet.

Doug Rockich
Doug Rockich tries to escape the heather on the first playoff hole at the 2018 Senior Chippewa Championship

But the best Rockich could manage for his second shot was a 30-yard hack-out. He followed that with a tidy pitch to about six feet for par.

Huntley lagged his long birdie bid to 2 feet. Then Huntley and Rockich held their breath as Schustrich rolled his birdie opportunity for the victory. It missed. Rockich and Huntley were still alive.

Doug Rockich par miss 2018 Senior Chippewa Championship
Rockich couldn’t coax in his par effort on the first playoff hole.

But Rockich couldn’t convert his tricky six foot par putt, and he was eliminated from the playoff. Huntley and Schustrich both tapped in for par, and they headed over to the 18th tee to continue the playoff.

On the second playoff hole, both players hit the fairway, with Schustrich a bit farther away from the green than Huntley.

Rob Schustrich
Rob Schustrich drops his iron in disgust after missing his second shot on the second playoff hole

Hitting first, Schustrich dropped his 9-iron almost immediately after the impact of his second shot, as the ball sailed wide-right and found the water-filled greenside bunker that would lead to a free drop by local rule.

Brian Huntley
Brian Huntley hits toward the green on the second playoff hole

Huntley took advantage of the mistake by Schustrich and aimed more toward the center of the green, away from the tight-right hole location. He struck it well and found the middle of the back ledge where the hole was located.

Rob Schustrich
Rob Schustrich flops his third from pin-high right on the second playoff hole.

Schustrich had little green with which to work for his third. Even though he flopped it high, it still bounced forward then rolled down to the lower level of the green, leaving him 25-feet for a four.

Brian Huntley
Brian Huntley rolls his 35-foot birdie putt on the second playoff hole.

Huntley knew it would take an incredible effort by Schustrich to make par, so he rolled his birdie putt carefully with that in mind. The result was perfect: just below the hole, about two feet short-right.

Schustrich made a good effort up the hill for par, but couldn’t find the cup.

With that, Huntley calmly stepped up and tapped in for the victory.

“I hadn’t played in a couple of weeks as I’ve had some recent family celebrations and a wedding,” said Huntley, a golf course architect by trade. “It was fun to find a rhythm after a few holes and get some nice crystal for it.”


Ron BellAll three age divisions played in a single skins game, and two players took full advantage of the big pot. Ron Bell (pictured) holed-out a shot from the fairway on the par-4 13th for eagle to grab a no-doubt skin worth $490. And don’t feel too bad for the playoff loss of Doug Rockich — he birdied the tough par-4 fifth hole to claim the other $490 skins winner.


There were three age divisions in play at the Senior Chippewa Championship: Ages 50-59 (of which all three playoff contestants were a member); Ages 60-69; and Ages 70+.

In the age 60-69 Division, there was a five-way tie at the top with a score of 75 by Bruno Chirumbulo, Tom Stiller, Jim Cea, Rick Bryson and Michael Mintz.

In the age 70+ Division, Ken Krupa nipped Jim Tartar by one shot, 82 vs 83.

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Brian Huntley and Kevin Larizza_2018 Senior Chippewa Championship Trophy

Chippewa Golf ClubFINAL RESULTS:
2018 Senior Chippewa Championship

Chippewa Golf Club, Doylestown, OH
Wednesday, September 12, 2018

50-59 Age Division / Overall:
1st Brian Huntley 72 $200 GC
T2 Rob Schustrich 72 $50 GC
T2 Doug Rockich 72 $50 GC

60-69 Age Division:
T-1st Bruno Chirumbulo 75 $60 GC
T-1st Tom Stiller 75 $60 GC
T-1st Jim Cea 75 $60 GC
T-1st Rick Bryson 75 $60 GC
T-1st Michael Mintz 75 $60 GC

70-79 Age Division:
1st Ken Krupa 82 $100 GC
2nd Jim Tartar 83 $75 GC

SKINS: $490 Each
Doug Rockich Birdie Hole #5
Ron Bell Eagle Hole #13

Brian Huntley (50-59) 72
Rob Schustrich (50-59) 72
Doug Rockich (50-59) 72
Scott Saari (50-59) 73
Bob Spino (50-59) 74
Tim Heavner (50-59) 74
Bruno Chirumbolo (60-69) 75
Jim Cea (60-69) 75
Michael Mintz (60-69) 75
Rick Bryson (60-69) 75
Tom Stiller (60-69) 75
Dave Peck (50-59) 75
Dean Cutlip (50-59) 75
Dennis Berkheimer (50-59) 75
Mark Thomas (50-59) 75
Randy Steele (50-59) 75
Rod Bordman (50-59) 75
Allen Freeman (50-59) 76
Fred Lindquist (50-59) 76
John Zitkovic (60-69) 76
Steve Bedell (60-69) 76
Steve Plevelich (50-59) 76
Bruce Dean (60-69) 77
Dave Trier (50-59) 77
Frank Livak (60-69) 77
John Toth (50-59) 77
Randy Crider (60-69) 77
Ron Bell (60-69) 77
Jeff Godzak (50-59) 78
Ken Troutman (50-59) 78
Chris Helaney (50-59) 79
Doug Hull (50-59) 79
Jim Niskenan (60-69) 79
Joseph Loschiavo (50-59) 79
Keith Pluto (60-69) 79
Ray Mcniece (50-59) 79
Tim Davis (50-59) 79
Gary Congin (60-69) 80
Mark Ciccarello (50-59) 80
Mitch Gainer (50-59) 80
Raul Mendoza (50-59) 80
Steve Baker (50-59) 80
Jeff Luken (60-69) 81
Ron Rositani (60-69) 81
Steve Feist (50-59) 81
Bill Terry (50-59) 82
Jimmy Grosso (50-59) 82
Mike Yaich (60-69) 82
Rick Todd (60-69) 82
Ken Krupa (70+) 82
Kevin Breen (50-59) 82
Jim Tartar (70+) 83
Sam Spino (60-69) 83
Butch Marrette (60-69) 84
Jim Stonkus (50-59) 84
Michael Buccetelli (50-59) 84
Mike Vujas (60-69) 84
Randy Cox (70+) 84
Ricky Smith (60-69) 84
Ron Skirpstas (60-69) 84
Russ Rybka (50-59) 84
Stephen Coughlin (60-69) 84
Bill Richards (60-69) 85
Carl Behrens (60-69) 85
Joe Sanfilippo (50-59) 85
Bob Cornelius (70+) 87
Bruce Steiner Jr. (50-59) 87
Dennis Toth (60-69) 87
Ken Bleile (50-59) 87
Steve Marinkov (50-59) 87
Steve Skladany (50-59) 87
Rob Cea (60-69) 88
Gary Mosher (50-59) 89
Nick Bruno (60-69) 90
Al Roderick (50-59) 91
Matt Fister (50-59) 91
Bill Baksa (50-59) 92
Paul Okolish (50-59) 92
Bruce Steiner Sr. (70+) 93
Skip Wike (60-69) 93
Cliff Griffith (50-59) 94
Dale Dicarlo (60-69) 94
Joe Sholtis (70+) 94
Mark Skladany (60-69) 94
Ted Pablo (50-59) 94
Tim Barrett (70+) 94
Bob Steiner (60-69) 95
Butch Marinkov (50-59) 95
Jerry Bittinger (60-69) 95
George Ferguson (60-69) 96
Mike Kuthan (60-69) 96
Tim Booth (60-69) 96
Dave Naur (60-69) 99
Larry Keating (70+) 99
Kay Dyer (70+) 100
Bob Cline (60-69) 104
Kevin DeVaughn (50-59) 105
Paul DeVaughn (70+) 109
Jack Cox DNF
Adam Letz NC
Jerry Parsons NC
Kevin Delsalvio NC
Kevin Larizza (50-59) NC
Marc Bourgault NC
Mike Crawford NC
Terry Keenan NC
Todd Pterson NC
Mike Turner WD

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