Northern Ohio PGA Retains The Ohio Cup

The Ohio Cup Matches, a twenty-two year Ohio tradition modeled after the Ryder Cup, concluded today with the Northern Ohio PGA team defeating the Southern Ohio PGA team 17 points to 15 points.

The Top 9 Members, 6 Senior Members & 1 Captain’s Choice from the Northern Ohio PGA Section and the Southern Ohio PGA Section competed in this match play style competition for year-long bragging rights and the honor to house the Ohio Cup Trophy in their Section office.

The Northern Ohio PGA team got off to a strong start on the first day of competition, Tuesday, October 2nd at Kirtland Country Club by dominating the four-ball matches. By morning’s end, the Northern Ohio PGA team had a three point advantage over the Southern Ohio PGA team (5.5 points to 2.5 points).

The lead was short lived, however, as the Southern Ohio team came back strong and dominated the afternoon foursome matches (5 points to 3 points). When the competition concluded on Day 1 only one point stood between each PGA Section. The score was Northern Ohio PGA 12.5 points and Southern Ohio PGA 11.5 points.

The final day of competition, Wednesday, October 3rd, was a nail biter for both sides. It consisted of a back and forth battle in Single Matches. By the end of the morning, the Northern Ohio PGA team had edged out the Southern Ohio PGA team in singles 8.5 points to 7.5 points, translating into the final two point margin of victory.

Special recognition to Northern Ohio PGA team members Jim Troy, Mt. Vernon CC and Mike Stone, Belmont CC who were the only players on either side to go 3-0 in their matches.

2018 Ohio Cup Matches
Northern Ohio PGA vs Southern Ohio PGA

Kirtland Country Club, Willoughby, Ohio
Tue-Wed, October 2-3, 2018

2018 NOPGA Ohio Cup Team

Northern Ohio PGA Team

Tom Fussaro – Captain
Gary Trivisonno – Asst. Captain
Mark Evans
Nick Gustin
Jaysen Hansen
Cory Kumpf
Joe Meglen
David Morgan
Rob Moss
Casey Schrader
Mike Stone
Jim Troy
Tony Adcock (Senior)
Mitch Camp (Senior)
Craig Goldsberry (Senior)
Tony Milam (Senior)
Steve Parker (Senior)
Gary Robison (Senior)

2018 SOPGA Ohio Cup Team

Southern Ohio PGA Team

Steve Groves-Captain
Cory George-Asst. Captain
Chad Ammer
Sam Arnold
Mike Auterson
Dave Bahr
Alex Martin
Andy Montgomery
Jeff Olson
Ben Stewart
Doug Wade
Lloyd Faulkner
Chris Black (Senior)
Pat Delaney (Senior)
Larry King (Senior)
Tim Krapfel (Senior)
Bob Sowards (Senior)
Dennis Wells (Senior)

Four-Ball Matches

Delaney/Wells v. Robison/Milam – Robison/Milam Won 2 up
Martin/Faulkner v. Troy/Stone – Troy/Stone Won 1 up
Hansen/Evans v. Stewart/Bahr – Hansen/Evans Won 3&2
Moss/Kumpf v. Olson/Montgomery – Moss/Kumpf Won 3&2
Camp/Adcock v. Sowards/King – Match Halved
Ammer/Arnold v. Morgan/Meglen – Ammer/Arnold Won 2&1
Auterson/Wade v. Schrader/Gustin – Auterson/Wade Won 1 up
Krapfel/Black v. Parker/Goldsberry – Parker/Goldsberry Won 4&2
Four-Ball Totals: NOPGA 5 ½ – SOPGA 2 ½

Foursome Matches

Parker/Goldsberry v. Sowards/King – Sowards/King Won 2 up
Auterson/Wade v. Meglen/Morgan – Auterson/Wade Won 2&1
Ammer/Arnold v. Hansen/Evans – Hansen/Evans Won 3&1
Moss/Kumpf v. Olson/Montgomery – Olson/Montgomery Won 2 up
Delaney/Wells v. Robison/Milam – Robison/Milam Won 4&3
Bahr/Stewart v. Gustin/Schrader – Bahr/Stewart Won 2&1
Faulkner/Martin v. Troy/Stone – Troy/Stone Won 2&1
Camp/Adcock v. Krapfel/Black – Krapfel/Black Won 2 up
Foursome Totals: SOPGA = 5 NOPGA = 3

Day 1 Totals: N.Ohio PGA 8 ½ – S.Ohio PGA 7 ½

Single Matches

Joe Meglen v. Doug Wade – Meglen Won 4&2
Craig Goldsberry v. Larry King – Goldsberry Won 3&2
Mitchell Camp v. Tim Krapfel – Camp Won 3&2
Mike Stone v. Lloyd Faulkner – Stone Won 7&5
Rob Moss v. Alex Martin – Martin Won 3&2
Steve Parker v. Bob Sowards – Sowards Won 4&3
Jaysen Hansen v. Sam Arnold – Arnold Won 2&1
Mark Evans v. Mike Auterson – Match Halved
Cory Kumpf v. Chad Ammer – Ammer Won 6&4
Tony Adcock v. Dennis Wells – Adcock Won 3&1
Tony Milam v. Chris Black – Black Won 2 up
David Morgan v. Ben Stewart – Morgan Won 3&1
Gary Robison v. Pat Delaney – Match Halved
Nick Gustin v. Jeff Olson – Olson Won 3&2
Casey Schrader v. Dave Bahr – Match Halved
Jim Troy v. Andy Montgomery – Troy Won 6&5
Single Matches Total: NOPGA 8 ½ – SPGA 7 ½

Final Results

Northern Ohio PGA 17 – Southern Ohio PGA 15

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