Chippewa Golf ClubBesting a big field of players in their fifties, 65-year old Doug Savage of Mt. Vernon and 61-year old Bruno Chirumbolo of Canton both shot a score of 2-under par 69 in the 2017 Senior Chippewa Championship on Wednesday.

So Savage and Chirumbolo headed to a sudden death playoff.

Both players made fairly standard pars on the first and second holes, and continued on to the reachable par-5 third. After both players finished in the right rough off the tee, Savage hit his 213 yard shot to 25 feet pin-high while Chirumbolo hit his second shot from 211 yards just short right of the green.

Chirumbolo pitched up to about a foot and had birdie locked. But Savage ended the playoff then and there by burying his eagle attempt, punctuating the victory with a little fist pump.

Doug Savage
Doug Savage rolls home this 25-foot eagle putt to take the 2017 Senior Chippewa Championship.

But Chirumbolo padded his second-place winnings by taking one of three skins earned on the day, making an eagle on the third hole in regulation. The 50-59 and 60-69 age brackets played from the same white tee boxes, so those two age groups shared a skins pot and eligibility to win the Senior Championship event.

The only other player under par was 53-year-old two-time Senior Chippewa Champion Rob Schustrich of Windham, who finished third overall and first in the Age 50-59 bracket with a 1-under par 70.

In the Age 70+ Division, playing from the gold tees, Bill Thomas shot 74 to win by a whopping five shots over Bill Willis.

To a man, every player raved about the value of the event hosted by Chippewa poobah Kevin Larizza. A full field tournament with prizes. Big beef hot dogs at the turn. All the beer and pop you could drink. And a filet steak dinner with au gratin potatoes and green beans after golf that was spectacular. All for $50, with the skins game an extra $10. It would still be a deal at twice the price…

Kevin Larizza & Doug Savage
Kevin Larizza congratulates Doug Savage with the trophy as 2017 Senior Chippewa Champion

Chippewa Golf ClubFINAL RESULTS:
2017 Senior Chippewa Championship

Chippewa Golf Club, Doylestown
Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Doug Savage 69* $300
Bruno Chirumbolo 69 $200
*won with eagle on third playoff hole

50-59 Age Division

Rob Schustrich 70 $250 GC
Dean Cutlip 72 $50 GC
Jeff Jenkins 72 $50 GC
Bob Spino 72 $50 GC
Allen Freeman 73
Tim Heavner 74
Zoran Karic 74
Raul Mendoza 74
Chris Myers 74
Jim Grosso 75
JP Jones 75
Bob Wadsworth 75
Frank Livak 76
Ray McNiece 76
Steve Skladany 76
Dave Peck 77
Tom Reams 77
Steve Spring 77
JD Taylor 77
Larry Trenta 77
Don Coleman 78
Randy Crider 78
Fred Lindquist 78
Russ Rybka 78
Mark Thomas 79
Kevin Larizza 82
Bill Baksa 83
Kevin Breen 84
Steve Feist 84
Cliff Griffith 84
Chris Helaney 84
Mark Cicarello 85
Eric Coleman 85
Ron Rositani 86
Butch Marinkod 87
Jeff Mccurrah 89
Ted Pablo 89
Bruce Steiner Jr. 89
Jim Basar 90
Mitch Gainer 90
Andy Okulovich 91
Kevin Devaughn 93
Peach Okulovich 98
Ron Seese NC
John Sullivan NC
George Allen WD

60-69 Age Division

Bruno Chirumbolo 69
Doug Savage 69
Steve Bedell 73
Jim Cea 73
Bruce Dean 73
Jeff Dean 73
Jeff Luken 73
Larry Deorr 75
Fleming Doug 75
Jim Niskinen 75
Michael Mintz 76
Ricky Smith 76
Butch Morratt 79
Dennis Carmedy 80
Ron Skirpstas 80
Terry Keenan 81
Bill Richards 81
Paul Trenta 81
Mike Turner 82
Carl Behrens 84
Ronny Bell 84
Bruce Manes 84
Greg Tayler 84
Matt Schwindeman 86
Mark Skladany 87
Bob Steiner 87
Art Reedy 88
Tim Barrett 89
Jack Cox 91
George Ferguson 91
Joe Jiamachello 91
Dale Dicalarlo 94
Mike Kuthan 94
Mickey Ozog 97
Bruce Keenan 99
Fred Weiss 101

50-69 Skins: $273 Each
Bruno Chirumbolo Eagle #3
Jeff Dean Eagle #10
Jim Cea Eagle #11

70+ Age Division

Bill Thomas 74 $75 GC
Bill Willis 79 $50 GC
Ed Butler 81
Albert Roderick 81
Don Goodson 82
Joe Sholtis 83
Adam Letz 87
Bruce Steiner Sr. 87
John Avallone 88
Jim Black 88
Bob Cornelius 89
Chuck Ross 90
Scott Middleton 91
Kay Dyer 91
Dick Pfeifer 94
Dave Deptouitz 95
Dan Tuchlowski 95
Leroy Kline 102
Norman Mann 114

Age 70+ Skins: $30 Each
Ed Butler Birdie #6
Scott Middleton Birdie #10
Bob Cornelius Par #14
Joe Sholtis Birdie #15
Bruce Steiner Sr. Birdie #18

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