Andrew Wyss wasn’t happy with his third shot. But the turkey golf gods fixed that.

Mark Thomas at the 2017 Hacker's Turkey Shoot

Massillon’s Mark Thomas (pictured above) hit the last of his five balls in to a distance of exactly 1-foot to sit as the closest-to-the-pin leader midway through the 2017 Hacker’s Turkey Shoot at the Firestone 9 Range in Akron on Thanksgiving Eve.

Outside of a hole-in-one, it looked like MT’s shot was going to be a winner.

Andrew WyssBut then young Andrew stepped up and took his turn.

His first two balls hit the green, but not close enough to the pin.

Then on his third ball it happened, storybook-like: slightly mis-hit and sailing right, Andrew’s shot hit on the right side of the small green 60 yards away and bounced dead left toward the hole when it shouldn’t have. The bounce was so big and crazy that the crowd gasped then shouted loudly. And to a roar from the spectators, that crazy-hop ball finished a mere 8 inches away, wrestling away the title from Thomas!

Several hundred players and spectators visited the Firestone 9 Range throughout that evening, further growing what has become a pre-Thanksgiving tradition.

And the competition was strong, as about 20 players finished within the 8-foot circle during the finals.

Thanks to Dan Dauk, Randy Iceman and the rest of the Firestone 9 crew for the fun event! Photo gallery here >

2017 Turkey Shoot at Hackers Firestone 9 Range

Firestone 9 Turkey Shoot Thanksgiving Eve CTP Contest
2017 Hacker’s Turkey Shoot

Raymond C. Firestone 9 Range, Akron
Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Hackers Bar and Grill Akron

1st: Firestone 9 PDP Membership for 2018
Andrew Wyss (8″)

2nd: Foursome at Firestone CC North or West Course
Mark Thomas (1′)

3rd: Titleist Golf Bag
Al Freeman (1′-7″)

4th: Firestone 9 Public GC 6 Round Punch Card
Mark Schneider

5th: Cleveland Putter
Scotty Martin

6th: Foursome at Firestone 9 Public GC
Randy Crider

7th: 10 Bucket Punch Card – Large
Max Moldovon

8th: 10 Bucket Punch Card – Medium
Kent Monas

9th: 10 Bucket Punch Card – Small
Matt Villilo

10th: 1 Dozen Taylor made Balls
David Eubanks

11th: 1 Dozen Taylor Made Balls
Ron Bell

12th: 1 Dozen Taylor made Balls
John Karamas

13th: $25.00 Gift Certificate at Hackers
Mike Thorton

14th: One Hour Golf Lesson with Dan Dauk
Shaun Klotzer

15th: One Hour Golf Lesson with Randy Iceman
Josh Prok

16th: M V Sport Blanket
Alex Shannon

17th: Firestone C. C. Duffel Bag
Jeff Carr

18th: Adidas Wind Shirt
Joe Marcello

19th: Golf Shirt & Hat
Nick Monter

20th: Golf Shirt
Todd Sandomierski

21st: Firestone C.C. T-Shirt
Jay Thamacheck

22nd: Firestone C.C. T-Shirt
Aaron Apticar

23rd thru 30th: One 9 Hole Round with Cart on Firestone 9 Public G.C.
Rob Lane
Jordon Conjerti
Lloyd Hatchett
Jason Blevins
Joe Conjerti
Ron Goodwin
Nolan Haynes

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