FINAL RESULTS: 2016 Zoar Summer 2-Man Scramble

Zoar Golf Club

Mike Simpson Bobby SpinoTough pin placements greeted the competitors on a hot muggy day, as Zoar Golf Club hosted its Summer 2-Man Scramble on Saturday afternoon.

The team of Mike Simpson and Bob Spino posted a fine 10-under par score of 62 to claim first place. They also cleaned up on the field by making the day’s only skin — a mere birdie on the final hole, albeit with a tough far-back hole location.

Wes Gilland and Brue Moran were one stroke back at 63.

Shayne Bishop an Scottie McVey were third at 64, while and Nick Anagost with David Sotka finished fourth at 65.

Zoar Village Golf ClubFINAL RESULTS:
2016 Zoar Summer 2-Man Scramble

Zoar Golf Club | Par 72
Saturday, July 30, 2016

62 Simpson-Spino $1440
63 Gilland-Moran $650
64 Bishop-McVey $450
65 Anagost-Sotka $340
66 Seever-Davis
66 Dodge-Torrance
66 Riggs-Weekley
66 Drukenbrod-Bragg
67 Freeman-Kovach
67 Marek-Stefanski
67 Perkowski-Shanklin
68 Lucas-Stopper
68 Wade-Campbell
69 Vought-Eckman
70 Crewse-Covert
71 Thompson-Brown
73 Sotka-Sutton
74 Dodge-Bower

SKINS: $720 ea
Simpson-Spino Birdie #18

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