FINAL RESULTS: 2016 Zoar Fall 2-Man Scramble

Zoar Golf Club

Zoar Golf Club

The annual Fall 2-Man Scramble was played Saturday at Zoar Golf Club just north of Dover, Ohio, and 34 teams filled the field to compete on a beautiful late October day.

As is tradition, the golf course was set up with some very tough pin placements.

But that didn’t seem to slow the the team of Shayne Bishop and Scottie McVey, as they came away the winners after posting a solid 9-under par 63.

Brian Beebe and Dave Trier finished in second place, just a single shot behind at 64.

There were two teams with 66: Mitch Levengood and Dylan Tucker (a high school player not eligible for any earnings) tied with Tim Hepner and Caine Bricker at 6-under par.

Brandt Harbert and Mike Lenartowitz, Brad Baker and Scott Cope, and John Jadgchew with partner Mark Johnson were all at 67 strokes.

Zoar Village Golf ClubFINAL RESULTS:
2016 Zoar Fall 2-Man Scramble

Zoar Golf Club, Zoar Ohio
Saturday, October 29, 2016

63 McVey-Bishop $440
64 Beebe-Trier $260
66 Levengood-Tucker $260
66 Hepner-Bricker $190
67 Harbert-Lenartowitz $140
67 Baker-Cope $140
67 Jadgchew-Johnson $140

68 Jurcevic-LaVechia
69 Crider-Huntley
69 Ajak-Ajak
69 Slayman-Renner
69 Roth-Ramus
69 Gasser-Gasser
70 Schonover-Dean
70 Schneider-Prok
71 Weaver-Miller
71 Miller-Winger
72 Rinehart-Glass
72 Briggs-Gray
72 Stack-Martin
72 Williams-Williams
72 Seever-Thomas
73 Doon-Doon
73 Scneider-Schwartz
74 Clifford-Bober
74 Wright-Wright
74 Perkowski-Dapoz
75 Ogle-Haynes
75 Terry-Ranglia
75 Kronander-Bogus
76 Studer-Bennett
76 Reifenschneider-Willis
83 Scherer-Scherer
83 Thompson-Albury

SKINS: $225 ea
Baker-Cope Birdie on #4
Gasser-Gasser Birdie on #11
Miller-Winger Eagle on #14

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