FINAL RESULTS: 2016 Zoar 3-Man Stepback

Zoar Golf Club

Zoar Village Golf CourseA beautiful March day greeted the 32 teams that teed it up for the season opening 3-man Step Back Scramble at Zoar Golf Club on Saturday afternoon the day before Easter.

The tournament’s format calls for the player whose shot is selected in a scramble to “step back” (not play) for the following stroke.

Tying for first place honors after each posted an 8 under par 64, the Wooster team of Raymond Miller, Aaron Miller and Lonnie Wenger matched the Columbus team of Eric Frishette, Brian Smith and Cliff Grubb, as the latter team birdied their last five holes.

Nick Lambos, Gino O’Byrne and Kirk Peterson shot 66 to tie Ryan Stefanski, Ian Marek, and Mike Sampson for third place.

Tied for fifth place were: Jeff Dean, Bruce Dean and Shane Bishop; Adam Trent, Jeff Crawford and Kevin O’Brian; Eric Vought, Ty Kovach and Matt Lewis; and Matt Gasser, Brian Gasser and Steve Cunningham all carded 67.

There were no skins won outright on the day, so the skins pot was added back into the event pot; prize amounts won listed below.

The next 2016 tournament event to played at Zoar Golf Club will be the Zoar Spring 2-Man Scramble on Saturday, April 30th. Get your am team signed up today…

2016 Zoar 3-Man Stepback Scramble

Zoar Golf Club, Zoar, Ohio
Saturday, March 26, 2016

64 Miller, Miller, Wenger $660
64 Frishette, Smith, Grubb $660
66 Lambos, O’Byrne, Peterson $300
66 Stefanski, Marek, Sampson $300
67 Dean, Dean, Bishop $160
67 Trent, Crawford, O’Brian $160
67 Vought, Kovach, Lewis $160
67 Gasser, Gasser, Cunningham $160
68 Simpson, Marr, Nemeth $120
69 Schneider, Brok, Boni $105
69 Bricker, Waycaster, Ogle $105
69 Thomas, B. Spino, Barto $105
70 Briggs, Dendler, Phipps
70 Roberts, Hull, Shishler
71 Nicely, Gonter, Stuffelbean
71 Moon, Thacker, Gallo
71 Lenartowitz, Lenartowitz, Harbert
71 Stack, Hedrick, Martin
72 Benroth, R.Spino, Stoll
72 Wade, Bellios, Seibert
72 Jadgchew, Johnson, Grommit
72 Hall, Gainer, Davis
73 Chapman, Chapman, Workinger
73 Hershey, Hugg, Spangler
74 Colander, Williams, Williams
74 Bertka, Faller, Forman
75 Oldfield, Oldfield, Modarelli
75 Van Ryzin, Weisend, Parr
75 Schustrich, Schustrich, Schustrich
76 Kern, Tarter, Woodrum
80 Trice, Trice, Villerain
84 Smith, Smith, Gnau

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